Little Susy meets The little Prince today!

Hallo  everybody!

I just want to say that we have a birthday party today for my dearest friend Susan Cornelis in Cafe Crem! I especially invited a very special guest there for this occasion, somebody she always wanted to meet: none other than The Little Prince!

So, if you want to meet him too, and meet Raven Arias, and  want to congratulate Susan, and share all her Cafe Crem presents with us, please come to Cafe Crem  and leave a comment somewhere! You can even post a birthday gift for her too, just send it to me, or leave it here as a comment and I will post it for you in Cafe Crem.

As she is a wonderful friend to me, the best thing that has happened to me since I met Kevin, I would be very happy if you, my dear readers, would share a little bit of this so special day with us.

Thank you!


One Response to “Little Susy meets The little Prince today!”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Thank you, dear Miki! THe feelings are mutual. I am afraid I am not such a little Susy, although I appreciate the name and certainly would’t mind being shrunk a little. Meeting the Little Prince, is well, the best thing that’s happened to me since meeting Miki and Kev!

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