I want my Donuts back!

Here are the last sketches I did in our Mojacer Beach cafe (Spain, Provincia de Almeria) before we left on Sunday afternoon to come back to our “normal” home.

Of course there are here cafes in the sun too, and people sit there drinking coffee and reading nespapers, but el cafe con leche here is not as good as in the English bars in Mojacar and they don’ t serve these incredible donuts with it, so I am not sure that I will go on sketching people, at least for the moment. Yes, my painter career depends on donuts, as simple as that!

But well, next Monday we drive to France and the café au lait might be better there, and they have croissants, so I might become a people sketcher again then…

The Green Panther

A Man and its Bier

The Trio

10 Responses to “I want my Donuts back!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Yes I can see the difference. Its like so subtle yet it is there. Something missing. Yes it must be the donuts.

  2. 100swallows Says:

    I like all your sketches, Miki. What could be in that big mug this last woman is holding? Maybe coffee or chocolate and she’s blowing to cool it. Though her mouth isn’t pursed. I guess she bends because it is heavy and she doesn’t want to spill it.

  3. Miki Says:

    Thank you, 100swallows, I am happy that you like my people sketches. Yes, the art of holding a coffee or chocolate cup… I will make a series of sketches about it. There are surely 100 reasons why the people hold their cups in a certain way or another and it is a kind of pleasure to fantasize about it… even when it is a little bit indiscreet! By the way: this woman was drinking un grande cafe con leche! When I drink it, I almost have to take two hands to hold the cup, I just don’t do it not to appear like a child! 🙂 And I have cream all over the face then… and powder sugar from the donuts, miam miam!

  4. Susan Says:

    When I was out plein air painting yesterday with my friend Liane I told her all about you and Kev, and when we came back she insisted I show her on the web. When she saw these sketches she giggled loudly in delight! Wish you could have seen her reaction (which is the same as mine when I see your cafe sketches. I am so glad you will be where the cafe and croissants are good next week so we will have more to look at!

  5. innovatel Says:

    They are fantastic 🙂

    [OT]Miki, I add a plugin on my blog … so if you want you can read it 🙂 http://www.innoland.it/en/ [/OT]

    Bye 🙂

  6. Miki Says:

    Thanks for the compliments and for the links, I will surely go there!

    @Susan & Liane
    Hola Guapissimas, I can hear you giggling from here!I have read the story about your day out with the cows and I deeply enjoyed it! I am so happy that you both do that together!
    And, Susan, 1000 thanks for your permanent support… without you, these sketches wouldn’t exist…

  7. mosse zidane Says:

    Hi Miki, enjoyed looking at your sketches. If only I am gifted with brushing skill…. If you happen to be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I’ll sit with you all day long watching you doing the sketching along our famous Bintang Walk.

  8. Miki Says:

    Hi Mosse, and thank you very much for your so kind comment. As far as I know you are my first visitor from Malaysia here, welcome!
    I don’t know Bintang Walk (but I will have a Google search, but be sure that if I ever come to Malaysia, I will go there and sketch and post the sketches here! And of course, you are welcome to join me there… but only if you let me sketch you too then! 🙂

  9. mosse zidane Says:

    Hi Miki, thank you for visiting mine as well. Call me Mosse.Yes, I do believe in ghosts and spirit.I can sketch that for you.:)

  10. Miki Says:

    Oh yes, Mosse, please, sketch me a ghost! Will it be a self-portrait? 🙂

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