Fantascape #7 : Gravity or Choreography?

Choreography or Gravity

I spent 2 weeks painting blossoming almond trees some time ago… the result, as always with me, has nothing visibly to do with reality, but the fact is that I was there and looked at the trees and painted what I saw…

The blossoming almond trees are an unforgettable show here where I live in Spain. They already blossom in January, no need to wait until March or April to have a “spring” in one’s step. Anyway in Spain there is always something in bud… when it’s not the almond trees, then it’s the oranges trees, or the lemon trees, or the olive trees, or the electricity pylons, or even the bulls! This might be the reason why the Spaniards are hot stuff… they always have a spring in their step!

Looking at the almond trees, I noticed that most of them look like dancers! Well, some look like witches, above all when they stay in shade, but even then they look like dancing witches. One can see in the form of the trunks and the branches of these extremely expressive trees all the attitudes and gestures of classic and modern ballet dancers.

This made me wonder: have the first choreographers been inspired by trees, or is it simply a kind of natural law, that when you have something like a body and members, or trunks and branches, you simply take the same attitudes, being submitted to the same physical laws as for example, gravity?

And, last but not least, have a look at Susan Cornelis last Fantascape:  it is… merveilleux!


6 Responses to “Fantascape #7 : Gravity or Choreography?”

  1. Michael Pokocky Says:

    Well Miki you outdid yourself on this one.

    This is the painting that inspires the muse to write.

    This is the painting I want on my wall if I could afford it.

    Hemingway had one painting he held on to all his life and it can be seen in his place in Cuba.

    This moment of seeing. This moment of just knowing that there is hope inspires me and I can here the enchanted sirens singing to me, and of course Arias.

    Disclaimer: the definition of sirens usually is,

    a sea nymph (part woman and part bird) supposed to lure sailors to destruction on the rocks where the nymphs lived; “Odysseus ordered his crew to plug their ears so they would not hear the Siren’s fatal song”

    However I do not fear them and do not sail and since you have read the poem where Arias is sitting on the siren’s shoulder while she is singing, I think they are in my life for a good reason.


  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I also had the image of sirens (nymphs). And I was once again transported by not only your image here, which is magnificent! but also your wisdom in words. Surely dancers have always danced the rythmns of the natural world. I like to think that when we dance we are fulfilling the longing of those trees who have sacrifised mobility for stability. They applaud us and slowly over time grow into those marvelous shapes that move us to paint and to dance some more!

    Is there a little yellow haired Miki shaking hands with one of the tree dancers?

    I am just now posting my Fantascape #6 and it also has dancers!

  3. Fantascape #6 « Susan’s Art and Sketchbook Blog Says:

    […] Miki’s latest Fantascape, also dancing […]

  4. iondanu Says:

    When I first looked at this one I said to myself: it is the delta of the Rhone or something like that, seen from a satelite! And then I`’ve read the text and saw it was an almond tree! How wonderful! Tonight, they say, it will be only minus 21 Celsius, here, in sherbrooke…

  5. marietom Says:

    Les couleurs sont ici plus soutenues, et vraiment très belles.

  6. Miki Says:

    Bonjour Marietom!
    Les couleurs très soutenues sont en général ma spécialité. Mais de temps en temps j’ aime passer aux couleurs pastel, pour me “reposer” un peu, surtout quand je fais des aquarelles de paysages au printemps…

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