One everything for everyday of the year!

Watercolour sketch of Gatova, Sierra Calderona, Spain

Another watercolour sketch of our last trip, a view of a little town called “Gatova”, in the Natural Park of La Sierra Calderona, about 40 km northerly from Valencia. We were almost home, but like always I was trying to delay the moment to finish the holiday and above all, to avoid the highway, so I had chosen a beautiful road through a wild mountain. And as always I soon regretted my decision, as the road was a hell of a continuous climb, an unprotected narrow serpentine. I was scared to death!

We finally arrived in Gatova after having spent about 2 hours for 40 kms, and as I saw this little pretty town lost in its mountains, I didn’t regret anyhting more and we decided to spend the night there. Wonderful, I had won one more day holiday!

While I was painting there, I had a long discussion with a charming woman from the town, and she explained me:

“Now, the road is ok. Before we had 365 curves, one for each day of the year! They have cut half of them!”

As I told it to Kevin, he had a good laugh and told me:

“The 365 days of the year are very useful! When I was gigging in the Caribbean,the locals in Antigua told me the island had 365 beaches… of course, they got away with it because nobody ever bothered to count!”

Fascinating, isn’t it? Wherever we are, in the middle of a Spanish mountain range or in the Caribbean, there is always 365 of something!

Anyway in Gatova, I was really happy that the year has not 10 000 days…

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8 Responses to “One everything for everyday of the year!”

  1. Michael Says:

    Wow. I am on a trip too back and forth between the cafe crem and here. I hope everyone understands how to get here and then back by clicking on the link title in Cafe Crem. Miki you should explain trackbacks so that nobody misses these paintings from Cafe Crem.
    This is becoming a mini epic as Kev says with full visuals and commentary. Wonderful.

  2. Miki Says:

    Thank you Michael, I am always very happy to see you here! To be honest, I rather trust in fate to make people find what they have to find, or not… but you are right, these sketches might be a nice complement (compliment!) to Kevin’s travel tale, so I will add a link there…

  3. iondanu Says:

    Great watercolor, miki! It’s amazing how you succeed, being almost “abstract” in composition, color, etc. to render so precisely a concrete landscape!

  4. helenl Says:

    Hi Miki, I finally made it over to your blog and am so glad I did. What lovely color and composition. I love how the town descends from one mountain but remains in the valley on the other side. You make me want to be there. Helen

  5. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I love Miki’s Spain! I wonder when I finally get there if it will be anywhere near as enchanting as your watercolors.

  6. Miki Says:

    Spain IS enchanting, Susan! And even more when one has deep looking eyes and a lively imagination, as you have…
    And you’d better come soon because considering how fast we move and change our plans, who knows how long we will live here still!

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving this kind comment. I was very happy to see you here and read your words, they also have the color and the light of your smile!
    And yes, as I said to Susan, it is worth to be here in Spain, it is a wonderful country, full of contrasts, of beauties, of history, of passion and… of sunshine!!!

  7. Miki Says:

    Great comment, I love what you say about the duality concrete/abstract in my landscapes. I am not aware of that myself… I guess it happens automatically when I paint outside, I simply start painting what I see, but soon I get immersed in the process of painting and I forget to look around me! This must be the moment where I drift to abstract…

  8. Hesham Says:

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