Hello Sunshine, oh yeah!

Another sketch from Sarrion,…

And another wonderful day today in the Costa Blanca of Spain!

And sorry, no time for more words, today, I have an urgent portrait commission to do…


5 Responses to “Hello Sunshine, oh yeah!”

  1. givethemhell Says:

    J’aime bien les deux personnes dans le paysage.
    Bon dimanche, Miki!

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Sooo sunny! The light bouncing off the people. Hope you got some painting done today!

  3. helenl Says:

    Another good one, Miki. I love the poeple and the angle at which the trees are growing.

  4. Miki Says:

    Funny what you say, because… exactly the trees and the persons were not there in the village, I just invented them, thinking they would fit nicely in the village!

    Well, I don’t believe I will get some painting done today! I have to finish preparing the 2 exhibitions (still a lot of work), to work on the portrait (I have started on Friday night, and it is going very well), to prepare the price for the last new winner of my “Give me a title competition” (she proposed the wonderful title: “Dancing for Poseidon”), to prepare another painting (I will tell you personally) and finally to start preparing the motor home for the big big trip! Oh God, I am tired already… good that I don’t take it so seriously with the religious “don’t work on Sunday!”

    As I said to Helen, I just invented the two persons. Somehow I had the feeling that an old man must sit on the wall. And as I had him sit there, suddenly a woman appeared too, and a whole story connected to them and their life in that village!
    Bon dimanche a toi aussi, Eva… as-tu un peu de soleil aujourd’hui’ hui?

  5. givethemhell Says:

    Non, Miki, pas de soleil, que du ciel gris.
    Bon dimanche, Eva

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