Wrong Anatomy of a Church?

Some days ago I wrote about the Spanish village Gatova, and generally about the incredible quantity of crosses everywhere in Spain. This is another sketch of Gatova, but I won’t fool you, the white cross is the same cross as in the other painting… with a view of the village on the other side! But strangely, in that village, there was no cross on the top of the church! Or did I simply forget the horizontal bar? Honestly, I have no idea… as you might have noticed already, I never take it so exactly with architecture and anatomy… and especially here, i might have thought that there were already enough (almost) horizontal lines in the painting!


2 Responses to “Wrong Anatomy of a Church?”

  1. givethemhell Says:

    Bonjour Miki,

    Gatova – c’est un beau patrimoine à conserver.
    Bon dimanche, Eva

  2. Miki Says:

    Oui, Eva, c’ est un beau patrimoine. Pour le moment il n’ y a pas de danger que ce village soit envahi par les touristes, vu qu’il est très difficile a acceder. Et il n’ y a pas non plus de place pour construire une autoroute dans cette montagne!

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