Fantascape #8: Give Me a Title!

I really have a problem to find an adequate title for this creation, so I decided to submit it to your fantasy, allowing it as the next subject from my trimestrial competition “GIVE ME A TITLE”

The last one has been won by Dalila, from Aruba, Dutch Caribbean, with the wonderful title

“Dancing for Poseidon.”

To participate is very simple: just give me a title for my Fantascape #8 !

You can leave the title here as a comment (and I´ll add it myself to the list of the other titles in my website Goodaboom), or you can go directly to the competition page Give Me A Title.

By the way: there is something to win, a hand-signed A5 reproduction of the painting.

Good Luck and thanks for participating!


The competition is now closed. If you want to puchase a Giclee print of this painting please contact me or  go to my fineartamerica gallery online.


22 Responses to “Fantascape #8: Give Me a Title!”

  1. givethemhell Says:

    Bonsoir Miki,

    voici mon choix: “Rêverie éspagnole”.
    Merci pour ta visite et le gentil commentaire sur mon blog.

    Bonne soirée!

  2. Yolanda Says:

    1) Souls searching for their Earthy Peace
    2) Soul Searching
    3) Sticky feet bother everyone (seriously)

  3. Yolanda Says:

    Hi, Miki… I just sopped by and coudl not refrain form addign a little bit of humour. I hope you find a name soon. This work of art is eery. Thes epeople are in deep trouble and distress.

    Buen concurso!

  4. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I’m working on the title. . . they don’t look like they’re in trouble to me! They’re sisters in a wild cosmic dance! It seems full of light and hope to me.

  5. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I haven’t abandoned Fantascapes, but I’ve had no time lately to offer one. . .I think it would be #7? I love that you’ve kept going with them, even with all the other “events” in your life. Thank you!

  6. thebayattic Says:

    Makes me think of something being nurtured by the sun. “Living Souls”, “Life Force”, “Soul Spirit”, “Vis Vitalis”.

  7. Tomas Says:

    love depicts the eternities but recognizes herself as no-good in world market…
    I see, what was perceived by me is unusable for the title. The heart unfit for showcase, thus I apologies for my musing. I just wanted to leave my feedback – Thank you.

  8. wrjones Says:

    I can’t think of a title but it sure is a beautiful painting.

  9. mimulus Says:

    Hi, Miki!
    I love this painting! I love how people look like trees. Just one of them seem to be alright to me. The other ones seem to be disturbed some how.
    I suggest Standing Still.
    It’s interesting to see the different impressions it causes.


  10. marietom Says:

    tout un monde de couleurs, qui permet de s’évader et d’imaginer…

  11. helenl Says:

    Hi Miki,

    As I looked at the picture my eyes left the women – dancing or worshiping – and went to the water, the color and texture of broken glass or ice, the light, then the droplets falling. At one point I thought the women could be mermaids but abandoned that theory. Then I notice the face, looking upward, in the red section of the picture. That is the focal point. I nominate the title, “God, Who Parts the Water.”

    Helen Losse

  12. Lost In Wonder Says:

    My idea for the title is “Echo of the Sirens”

    But, I just wanted to say, that this is just so beautiful. The figures are just perfectly placed, and the vibrant colors really touched me.

  13. When God Looks Like a Snowman « Windows Toward the World Says:

    […] Another poem based on Miki’s artwork.  See picture here. […]

  14. Fantascape #12: The Beast « Infinity + some + 2 Says:

    […] please: don’t forget to give me a title for my fantascape #8 ! The titles you already proposed are simply fantastic, i enjoy it so much! There is no limits in […]

  15. mayaritte Says:

    1-Dancing with Nature
    2-The Tempest

    Did you see one of the women’s hand is touching what seems to be a cross???

    3-The Risen
    4-Rising from the Waters

  16. Miki Says:

    Bonjour Mayaritte!

    Great titles! Always fascinating for me to discover all these titles!
    And to discover my own painting too: no, I didn’t see the cross, buy yes, it is there, definitively! 🙂
    As I said in a previous post, we have crosses everywhere here in Spain… there must be some floating in the air too!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    who painted these im trying to figure out the artist to these wounderful paintings but i dont see a name anywhere

  18. Miki Says:

    It’s me, Miki, who painted this “wonderful painting” and this is my blog and you are welcome!

  19. Chandel Says:

    I really could not figure out how to send this message to the artist of this painting (I believe that’s Miki). I adore this painting (Fantascape #8) and wanted to know if I could purchase it from you, or if it’s already been sold. If you could write back to my email, that would be great. Keep up the great work!!

  20. Miki Says:

    Thanks for your compliments and your interest, Chandel. I have sent you a mail concerning this painting.
    And yes, it is me, Miki, the author of the painting and of this blog.

  21. Brigitte K. Says:

    i dont know if you have found a title yet, but i think the title “Cosmic Dance” would be perfect for this painting. It truely took my breath away when i saw it. thank you for creating it. ~Brigitte

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