Fantascape #9 : Grace under Pressure

While our beloved country girl with whom I started the series Fantascapes some weeks ago, is wandering through the streets and museums of the big city, I keep prisoner of my own fantasy, of all these creatures which have suddenly invaded my space and taken possession of all inanimated forms around me, forcing me to artistically testify that you can still see the wood looking at the trees, if only …

if only what?

If only we all had such grace under pressure!

And please: don’t forget to give me a title for my fantascape #8 (see last post)! The titles you already proposed are simply fantastic, i enjoy it so much! There is no limits in the quantity of titles you can give me…


13 Responses to “Fantascape #9 : Grace under Pressure”

  1. snazyink Says:

    we hold our grace under pressure,thats the human way….

  2. givethemhell Says:

    Bonsoir Miki,

    elle est adorable, cette peinture. La couleur vert – le printemps – une fille dansante.
    Voilà mes pensées sur ton tableau.

    Je te souhaite un excellent début de semaine.

  3. Country Girl Says:

    Some of us (namely you) do have such grace under pressure, and can see not only the forrest for the trees, but all the creatures, hidden and otherwise, who live in it. I just showed this piece to Janet and she went “oooooo!” in admiration.

  4. wrjones Says:

    You have such a great sense of bold color. I’d like to see how you have decorated your home.

  5. Miki Says:

    @ Bill
    My house has no special decoration, I have no patience and time for such long processes as a house decoration! As I bought my house in Spain the only thing I changed was the colours of the walls. They were first white, and I painted each room in a different colour.
    I made then my gallery there and painted the walls again, quite artistically that time. They are the only true decoration in my house!
    Anyway, I prefer to live outside, and nature is the decoration I love!

    @ Country girl
    Hugs to you and Janet! I love my admirers!

    @ givethemhell
    Merci, Eva… in fact, the title of this painting is “Explosion of Spring”. So your feelings match exactly my!

    @ snazyink
    Thanks for your visit and comment!

  6. Tomas Says:

    Wow! … the spring came – while looking at this miracle of light, I became just speechless – everything that was put on looks now just as dusty mourning in comparison with your welcome to the sunbeam. I am happy indeed to come to your blog – your stunning watercolors open my window and gifts a sip of fresh air – Thank you – and excuse me for my cloudy weeping on That is what happens when stay locked in a tiny room for a long, but that’s already another talk. – I am applauding now. Thank you!!!!

  7. helenl Says:

    Hi Miki,

    Since I see “Grace” in the upper right hand corner and much going on beneath her, I wonder why this isn’t called “pressure under Grace”? LOL

  8. Miki Says:

    This is a very funny comment, I love it!

    Thank you so much for these wonderful words!

  9. helenl Says:

    Living In a World

    I see Grace in the upper right hand
    corner, which may be under water.

    Under glass or Plexiglas. Maybe
    ice. Bubbles around her face, hair

    the fuchsia of flowers. Pictorial
    division is vertical, in front of

    which, the shadows become
    the women whose arms are

    the branches of trees—mirrored,
    stretched, stretching, reflected.

    Certainly raised up over their heads.
    This place is “a pressure cooker.”

    Precisely. But some of the trees
    have green leaves. Which is

    believable both on earth and in
    a world held together by string.

    also posted on my blog

  10. Living In a World « Windows Toward the World Says:

    […] by “Grace under Pressure” on Miki’s […]

  11. Heidi Chokeir Says:

    Hi Miki,

    I am interested in your artwork, specifically the fatascape #9 Grace Under Pressure. Can you give me some information about purchasing your art?


    Heidi Chokeir

  12. Miki Says:

    Dear Heidi,

    I just sent you a mail to the mail address attached to your comment. If you haven’t received it, please tell me a way to contact you.



  13. gegen Says: artworks!

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