Fantascape #10 : La Danse du Printemps

As Susan Cornelis and me decided to start the common project Fantascapes, I first proposed the title: “The Spring Dance”. She liked it, but said that it sounds much better in French. I don’t know what it is with the French language, but wherever I have been, people loved it and always said, that it sounds so beautiful. In German TV they go so far as to sometimes put ads in French, for things like perfumes for example. Apparently it doesn’t matter that nobody has a clue what they’re on about, it is enough that it is in French to convince of some elegance.

Anyway we then thought that “The Spring Dance” was too restrictive and we chose “Fantascapes”, allowing our crazy fantasies to spin around the whole of nature.

I saw many blogs showing spring images over the last few days and I thought I should join them, presenting my new fantascape, which is literally a spring dance. I really saw these trees dancing together by night as Spring arose, in a little village in the Spanish Sierra, some weeks ago…

And please: don’t forget to give me a title for my fantascape #8 (see last post)! The titles you already proposed are simply fantastic, i enjoy it so much! There is no limits in the quantity of titles you can give me…


17 Responses to “Fantascape #10 : La Danse du Printemps”

  1. givethemhell Says:

    La Danse du Printemps, c’est un très joli nom pour ton oeuvre, les deux personnages sous un magnifique ciel bleu.
    Bonne journée,

  2. helenl Says:

    Miki. Miki. Surely you jest. This is a fall scene, if ever I saw one. All the colors of fall flowers. And there even a witch in the orange just above and to the left of the castle, which I presume is haunted. LOL

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Helen
    Helen Helen, you make me fear my own paintings now! A Fall? A witch? A haunted castle? I swear it was a spring night in the Sierra!
    Well, when I think about it, there was indeed a witch there (guess whom? 🙂 )

    Oui, le ciel est bleu ici, presque toujours, même la nuit, et cela donne toujours envie de danser!
    Bonne journée a toi aussi!

  4. Tomas Says:

    Dear Miki, what a wonderful picture. I’m viewing it as your personal letter to me.Thank you. The artwork looks a bit sorrowful outwardly, but your colors comfort me greatly- the touch is so tender – wow! You portrayed the everlasting beauty here. That’s the spiritual fragrance that always refreshes in spite of all we may face.
    The dawn of today brought the wonderful sunlight, but it looked like the darkest midnight to me – my drawing programs were crashed down, and I was left without my brush, so to say. Therefore the current picture on my blog is my last work in all senses of the word.
    All the above sounds sorrowful, but my complaints (grief for self) were changed into the wholehearted applause to you while looking at this picture. You canvas expresses the love that remains when everything falls down. THAT is only one that matters indeed when life forces to say farewell.
    The fall should depress, but you picture breathes and that refreshes- your talent make the beauty alive and eloquent. Thank you

  5. Congratulations Miki « Candleday Says:

    […] into the hearty applause to the author of the picture for the portrait of the beauty. Just click here and see for yourself. That’s awesome, isn’t it? Congratulations […]

  6. helenl Says:

    Miki, I love your paintings because they are so full of life. Because they can be viewed more than one way (spring and fall LOL), they will never become boring. The more I look at one of your paintings, the more I see. Isn’t one purpose of art to make the viewer think? Now Tomas says, “the fall should depress.” I disagree. The fall is the real spring, the beginning of the best: Schools starts, the leaves show their true colors, Halloween comes, and Thanksgiving (in the US), then Advent begins and the biggest birthday of them all: Christmas. Nothing depressing in that. Whereas, spring brings Easter and lovely flowers, it also brings pollen. Point of view is everything. 🙂

  7. Wakish Says:

    Wow, this is simply amazing and wonderful! Brilliant talent!
    This art displays a lot of energy and creativity.. very nice blende of colors!
    I guess this style is “gouache” ?

    Keep it up!
    – Wakish –

  8. Miki Says:

    Thanks so much for the kind comment and welcome to my blog.
    But no, it is not gouache, although gouache is one of my favourite technique which I use many times. This piece went through a complicated process, which involves first an ink drawing, then water colour painting, than computer art.
    Not everybody knows gouache… I am amazed YOU do!

    Such a beautiful and rich comment! Did you know that I discover my paintings myself, after they are painted, and see things which I didn’t mean to put into? Most of the time it is people like you who make me really discover my own paintings, I find it amazing! You all have a much more vivid imagination than me, at least than my brain1 I guess I paint only with my hand, or veen perhaps it is only my brush which paints for me…
    When i lived in Germany I used to hate spring because I am extremely allergic to pollen! As you say, a question of point of view… and I indeed love autumn, with all these wonderful warm colours in the trees… not in Spain though, where I live, we don’t have this kind of trees… 2 years ago I went to France in autumn, just to see the autumn leaves falling down… it is so romantic too!

  9. Wakish Says:

    Hey there.. it’s cool 😉
    Very nice technique..
    Infact, I’m an art lover and an amateur artist when I used to be in college. I even won art competitions 😉
    I have been practising the following techniques at that time:
    1) Gouache
    2) Aquarel
    3) Batik (paint on cloth with colors and clay)
    4) Black ink drawing
    5) Acrylik (don’t remember how to spell that
    6) Drawing with charcoal

    I was very very fond of drawing, but since the last years, I haven’t really keep in touch with it though I do have it in my heart 😉 But I do feel a lot of “good feelings” whenever I see artist like you with such wonderful masterpieces.. Thanks for that!

    See you around and keep up with your art works! 😉
    – Wakish –

  10. Miki Says:

    Hi Wakish!
    I am very found of drawing too, in fact I find it the most beautiful art, but the most difficult too… As I was teaching art, everybody wanted to learn painting, but drawing was a nightmare for them!
    I hope you will start again soon, would be great, don’t you think so?

  11. Susan Cornelis Says:

    How delightful to be back at your blog and see so many new paintings! This one is so romantic and I see these long arms reaching out everywhere with love, but mostly it pulses from the couple in the middle. I wonder who that would be?!

  12. Wakish Says:

    Yes indeed Miki! 🙂 That’s my sincere wish, but the big problem I’m having is time and things are going on so so fast.. But I’m sure if I stick around art-bloggers, I will surely get that passion fast enough! 🙂

    I would have been glad to attend your classes for sure 🙂
    I never ever missed my art classes and I always had a passion and love to stay and draw.. those were wonderful moments..

    Have a nice weekend Miki!
    – Wakish –

  13. Caoimhin Says:

    Wow, that is a dramatic painting. You mean to say Miki that you didn’t intend on putting the five skulls in there? They are at 10, 11, 12, and 1:00 O’clock (if the canvas was a clock) and the one at the girls’ back, maybe I just noticed them because some unintended skulls were pointed out to me on a couple of my oil canvases. 😉

  14. Miki Says:

    Hi Caoimhin!
    Wow, I swear the skulls were not there before! It must be an epidemic, and the source must be on your canvas! 🙂

  15. reinedespommes Says:

    Je suis sûre que tu sais que lorsqu’on se colle à un arbre trés grand, on peut y puiser une énergie fabuleuse ! c’est une ressource fort bien imagée par ce superbe tableau.
    Please, translate because it’s too complicated for me to explain in english 😉

  16. Wakish Says:

    reinedespommes je vais essayer de traduire (sorry about the grammar, I have a US keyboard)

    reinedespommes was saying:
    “When you stick yourself with a big tree, you’ll be able to ‘dig’ a wonderful energetic strength from it”

    J’espere que j’ai bien traduit :S

    Anyway, it’s a wise saying reinedespommes!
    – Wakish –

  17. reinedespommes Says:

    Merci beaucoup Wakish, je trouve que ça ressemble, et puis, ça sonne bien à l’oreille, alors, ça me convient ! 😉

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