Fantascape #11 : The Witch of La Sierra

Helen made me doubt… she saw a witch in my last fantascape, I didn’t first, but then… then I remembered that special night in Tahal, that little village in the Sierra (you can read my travel tale here... oh God, it reminds me that I forgot to write part 3!)) and I had a look this morning at the paintings I did at that time. And in fact I found something strange among them… well, I first thought it was a normal tree, but now… if you give it a closer look: doesn’t it look like a polka dotted witch?

By the way, I have got a pink polka dotted pyjama.. I wonder now… could it be me, -again!- the witch, in a haze of sleep walking?

And even more strange: were there two moons in the sky on that night?


11 Responses to “Fantascape #11 : The Witch of La Sierra”

  1. marietom Says:

    toujours de très belles couleurs, pour un format sympa… J’aime !

  2. givethemhell Says:

    Bonjour Miki,

    peut-être c’est ton âme qui sort du corps pour aller se ballader pendant la nuit? Qui sait …
    Une belle peinture … j’aime beaucoup tout ce bleu et violet.

    Bon vendredi à toi et Kevin, chère Miki,
    bises – Eva

  3. dovelove Says:

    Nice. Hmmm, thoughts… Interesting witch. She’s all encased in the black tree, rigid from having to hold back her gifts in a society that fears her so much, rigid from their ignorance of her… So much potential (black) and so many jewels (the beautiful “dots”) she holds … The energy of that big bright gorgeous Moon shines in her hair, it keeps her alive despite the wicked beliefs that others put upon her, that imprison her.

    I keep seeing the other “moon” as a hooded or shaded streetlight mirroring the Moon — but I see no pole, perhaps this moon is dangling from the sky via a magical chain 🙂 Hmmm, a pole would be a grounding thing… This seems to be a reflection of her (of course, mirrors are all around us). It’s hard to be grounded in a world that rejects her. And even the “hood” or “shade” on the little moon is telling — a tiny, stunted image of her immense power, she hides her magic.

    It looks like she’s struggling to become free of her rigid prison. Soon she’ll bust out of it, (and the chain will snap), she (and the baby moon, heh) will drop to the ground at first, and then she’ll create a stellar, magical “bridge” with her fabulous flight, soaring wild and free, to big Mama Moon 🙂


  4. dovelove Says:

    Here’s a bit of magic 🙂 …

    Look at the time on my post, 10:44. 10 totals to 1, 44 totals to 8, 18 (18 is the number on the Moon card in the Tarot). It all totals to 9, the Hermit in the Tarot, which is related to the Moon card… I googled the meaning of 44 just now, and came upon a couple of interesting posts — the first mentions building a bridge 🙂 and the other has several interesting “hits” … it was posted in 2006. (note, I corrected the misspellings that I saw on it — also note that the website name begins with “bridge,” even though it’s part of a girl’s name.) That “sacrifice” thing is especially on point with what’s been coming up for me recently…


    Sunday, May 06, 2007
    The number 44

    44 is a powerful number. Know why? Because the 4 vibrates with paying attention to detail and building a solid foundation for the future.

    In 44, that effect is doubled.

    Plus, the two numbers (4 and 4), adding up to 8, have an umbrella vibration of effective management, controlling group dynamics, building large structures (buildings, bridges, organizations), and financial control.



    44 is a “master number” in numerology, meaning it has an extremely potent vibration, but also falls back into its lower vibration when not held appropriately (in numerology numbers are added to form “base” numbers that describe their personality). 4 to me holds the power of Earth as a form of creation and balance. To describe 44 I view it as 4 looking into a “mirror” to define itself and where it came from, 8. So I find the definition: a creative energy of balance finds itself to be a tool of balance, only for the use of maintaining its existence and surroundings. In a nutshell, I find it to have meanings of sacrifice and balance, work and structure, exertion and decay depending on which side of the field you approach.

    Seeing repetitious numbers is a part of the subconscious hint to the conscious that it should be focusing on these problems, you understand more through this, but a large part of you doesnt understand and seeks more meaning.

    Now finally the official answer. I would imagine that your friend has a strong creative side, but has been forced through some events to withold parts of his “wilder” side and become more grounded, while at the same time he has probably sort of “exploded” some of these emotions and let them loose with sometimes ill effects. If this truly is the case then I would suggest the number to mean the need for sacrifice in both areas to decrease the mood swing between. The need to expel seemingly irrational energies in a more artistic manner as to also ground artist explosive energies throughout life.

    The age of 44 I’m sure was designed as a wake up call for this problem, seen before 44 as a warning that almost forces it to happen but also prepares the mind for the occurence.



    Witchy, aint’ it? lol 😉

    A “bridge” is what we’ll be creating with our passionate (“divine”) artistic expressions…


  5. Miki Says:

    Hi Dove, so nice to read your comment again!
    Regularly i put some new Fantascapes in my painter professional website ( and be sure, that when I will put that one, I will add your extraordinary comment to it (with your name and web page of course!), By the way I already did it once, with the image of cut glass. I forgot to tell you! Have a look in Goodaboom, if you like, it is under the button “Fantascapes”…
    I absolutely love you interpretation, adn “The Magical Chain” will be adopted as a title, if you agree…

    And great to put the other comment about the numbers … for em, as a mathematician, it is a fantastic way to consider the numbers. I can’t believe what all comes out a simple 44!

  6. dovelove Says:

    Hi Miki, glad ya’ liked it 🙂 Yes, feel free to post my comments on your goodaboom (hey, did you know you have two paintings on there called “Cut Glass”).

    The 44, yeah…to immediately come upon the 44 stuff was pretty cool. I was amazed at all the synchronous words and such, especially the potent “bridge” thing. It’s an exciting time, mega-magical…that old “black tree” is beginning to crack 😉


  7. Miki Says:

    Hi Dove, thanks for pointing at the mistake!!! Hugs

  8. Susan Cornelis Says:

    MIki, the good witch of planet Goodaboom! in her polka dotted pajamas, not the usual attire of a witch, but then, you’re not a usual kind of witch. You are the kind to want more than one moon at a time on your fantascape though.

  9. The Emperor and the Crow « .:|:. Dove Love’s .:. Points and Passions .:|:. Says:

    […] crow baby? 😉  I thought about how I’d elaborated on the number 44 a couple days earlier on Miki’s blog.  A way cool artist, she is.  It was “stuff” that came to me about one of her […]

  10. Faure Says:

    god made me doubt…

  11. Miki Says:

    @ Faure!

    Hola y bienvenido en mi Infinidad!
    Y muchas gracias por dejarme un comentario… pero estas seguro que es Dios quien te hace dudar? 🙂

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