Painting the Blues…

I was tired to fight the bulls this afternoon, layed the cape down, dreamt through the window and painted what I saw… just a little landscape in South of Spain, viewed by melancholical eyes…


8 Responses to “Painting the Blues…”

  1. justwilliams Says:

    Very nice too. Why the melancholy?

  2. givethemhell Says:

    Good evening, dear Miki,

    another lovely painting. I like the “blues”, and also the white Spanish houses in between, surrounded by blooming orchards. Wonderful! Thank you for showing us!

  3. Miki Says:

    Good evening, Eva! Thank you for the nice comment. And yes, i love the white Spanish houses, always did… they are what I was dreaming of when I was living in Germany!

    Thanks! Why the melancholy? Nothing really serious… just some important changes are going on right now in my life, I will leave a place which once was a dream for me… I lived the dream out, but it is still sad to leave…

  4. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I see the melancholy in the blues and greens but also the need to rest a bit from the bullfights. I would get worn out fighting bulls all day too. What number bull are you on now? I’m sure you’re using a bit of your polka dotted witchcraft to get them painted. THis painting really reveals your love of this beautiful country.

  5. Miki Says:

    So nice to see you in my infinity, now I feel home again here!
    I have to paint 13 bullfights, and I have painted 13. I finished on Saturday. But they are not totally finished. I have to go through each of them now and put the last details, the last TOUCH, you surely know what I mean. In fact I mean “balance” the painting, balance in colours, shadows and lights, composition, etc. This is not the easiest part…
    I will finish 2 every day, to have completely finished them all at the end of the week. I have to be very disciplined on that now. Yesterday I did it, I finished 2…

  6. cordieb Says:

    I can feel the energy in your beautiful paintings. Thanks for not containing your energy and sharing it with through your arts.

    Peace, Light and Love,


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  8. Miki Says:

    Thank you very much for visiting and writing these kind words, CordieB!
    And yes, I have loads of energy, too much perhaps1 Sometimes I don’t know where to go with it! 🙂

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