Paintings the Pinks…

You won’t believe it, but this is what I saw today, looking through exactly the same window as yesterday!

Just in another mood… still resting from fighting the bulls, but no nostalgia today, the present is pink, and the future even pinker! By the way: pink means happiness for me!

And using some strange paper and new tubes of acrylics which I bought today by accident, in fact while I was searching for telescopic feet…

Just to show you how differently I can I see nature around me… or at least, how my hand (or my brush) does!


7 Responses to “Paintings the Pinks…”

  1. givethemhell Says:

    Hello Miki,

    this is an interesting combination, the pink and yellow shades. Sometimes chance is a great teacher. Happy painting with your new acryllics,

  2. helenl Says:

    Dominance of Pink

    Looks like the world’s imploding,
    while some poor soul got shot out
    of a chimney. The rest of the people
    are rushing toward center. Why even

    the trees seek the white-hot light.
    Will we recognize the world when
    the wind stops blowing, the brush in
    the hand still painting acrylic?

    Helen Losse

  3. marietom Says:

    tout un monde de couleurs, sur ton blog ! De superbes couleurs, bien entendu !

  4. Miki Says:

    Great poetry again, Helen! It provokes an implosion of feelings within me.. and what an incredible ending, the last 3 lines…
    If you go on like this, we should publish a book togetehr one day, with your poetry and my paintings!!

    bonjour et merci! Tu sais, j’espère, comme moi-meme j’apprécie ton art… Bonne journée!

  5. Susan Cornelis Says:

    You’re right I think, that pink is happiness. And it is also the color of angels I’m told. We also say “putting on rose colored glasses”. You know I have stayed away from pink, thinking it a little girl color, but not the way you use it. It’s exciting.

  6. Kaleidoscope World « Windows Toward the World Says:

    […] Dominance of Pink/Painting the Pinks […]

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