Fantascape #12: The Beast

I have the feeling here that some danger is approaching… but not from the dark side!

Can somebody else feel it too?

And please: don’t forget to give me a title for my fantascape #8 ! The titles you already proposed are simply fantastic, i enjoy it so much! There is no limits in the quantity of titles you can give me…


13 Responses to “Fantascape #12: The Beast”

  1. givethemhell Says:

    Hello Miki,

    I don’t feel any danger at all when contemplating this painting. What I see is a huge tree, under it a tiny figure riding a horse. My suggestion for a title is “RIDE ON THE WILD SIDE”.

    Wishing you a wonderful evening,

    P.S. I helped myself to 10.000 euros on your other blog. Thanks a lot for printing the money so fast! It will come in handy …

  2. dovelove Says:

    Beast = 666 = 18 = Tarot’s Moon Card = FEAR

    The Moon can be about our intense emotions, our creativity (as referenced on your witchy pic blog), and our potent “intuition,” but it can also be about our fear, which at times can be warranted — but we generally create the danger with our fear. Fear not. The “beast,” the “devil,” is simply the personification of our FEAR.

    The Moon references our fear sometimes, because if we’re in an unfamiliar place at night with only the light of the moon to see (can’t see clearly), it can be scary, we can get “lost” (666) trying to find our way (wondering which way to go, what choice to make). Everything looks unfamiliar, and so we fear, instead of simply trusting and having faith (opposite of fear) that we will be guided (“intuition”) out of the darkness (the unknown, fear) into the “light,” enlightenment, the answers we seek, peace, freedom from fear…

    There’s is nothing to fear but fear.


  3. helenl Says:

    But Not From the Dark Side

    The green river is
    covered with slime. Trees
    are growing at an angle on
    the side of the hill, where
    two people on horses climb,

    where there may be a path,
    but I can’t see it. The wind whips
    through the aforementioned trees—
    green, blue, a touch of purple
    looks like berries.

    The beast is nowhere in the picture.
    I think she might have just given
    birth to wonder rather than danger.
    “Nothing gold can stay,” says Frost.
    Nothing here spells D-A-R-K,

    nothing but slime for imagination.

  4. helenl Says:

    Miki, I posted the last two poems to my blog, also.

  5. Tomas Says:

    wow … this is awesome! Your picture awakens – literally! The beauty captivates. Your colors comfort and warn against falling into the trap of satisfaction with self at the same time. The sunlight warms the heart and thus empowers us to face the beast in the darkness – to avoid his traps – THANK YOU.

  6. anangeli Says:

    This painting suggests nature in danger… Miki. Somehow the branches are reaching up but they get a furious response from the sky. On the bottom, I see disturbance as well. The tree is alive and asking for help. Can you see this??? I am probably too caught up in the “save the Earth” thing and apocaliptic predictions of weather disturbances. I have been drawn to meditating more often these days, is it because of this odd feeling???? I leave it as an open question to myself, as I watch what happens around us. Bautiful painting, very suggestive.

  7. Miki Says:

    As always, I am deeply touched by your poems, and by the fact that they are inspired by my paintings. This is a wonderful way of communicating, from soul to soul, isn’t it?
    Thank you so much!

  8. helenl Says:

    Hi Miki, I left a long comment at my blog. I am glad this is so rewarding for both of us. “soul to soul,” indeed.

  9. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Now this is a Kundalini rising painting if I ever saw one! Very auspicious to be biten by a snake in a dream or vision. It’s the rising of the energy at our core.

  10. iondanu Says:

    I like very much your fantascapes, miki! In your body of work (what I`ve seen) they are the equivalent of my bizarrobaroques (your title is better… mine is too bizarro-baroques…)

    Esquisite compositions (I always admire this sense inui de la composition chez toi) with almost infinite interpretations and a very nice color… In no. 12 I see like a gazelle or some other cervicide like that… and no. 8 could be an illustration to Dante`s Inferno (the damned souls, transformed in barren trees, for eternity…)

  11. Wakish Says:

    I love this artistic drawing.. it’s a wonderful blende of energetic and lively colors!
    Good job!
    – Wakish –

  12. Tomas Says:

    The color is boiling here – your brush fills your canvas with passion and it makes the picture the mystery – you take the viewer beyond the first impression where all our fears are quenched by the beauty. Thus while viewing your picture I see not a tree but your portrait – I enjoy not at the landscape but the portrait of human soul. Thank you

  13. Miki Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful comment, Thomas. I think you are right: this is a self-portrait more than anything else…

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