Fantascape #14 : Queen’s Call

About 2 months ago , Susan Cornelis and me started the series Fantascapes. The idea came as I was painting blossoming almond trees here, in Spain, because the almond trees, sometimes, look so much like figures.

A little later, while Kevin and me were travelling to El Cabo de Gata (Spain, Provincia de Almeria) I had the idea to extend the Fantascapes to the sea, calling them Fantaseas… by the way, a wonderful wordplay on the word Fantasy, don’t you think so?…

There I looked at the sea, at the rock formations, and here is what came out… as you can see, not only the trees look like figures, if you have enough free fantasea…


8 Responses to “Fantascape #14 : Queen’s Call”

  1. Tomas Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful cinema. I see the sunny landscape. The colors warmly invites. I see multitude of figures that are in conscious movement towards the horizon. I want to join them and feel myself accepted into the wonderland of your canvas. But that’s far from all that I see in your picture. The blue spots at the top and at the bottom of the picture clearly depicts the shape of the thoughtful face that looks at us – this is the real magic. Fantastic.

  2. givethemhell Says:

    Hello Miki,

    what a fantastic view of the sea! I imagine those rocks up front to be figures – maybe Arabs, shrouded in long djellabas and with white turbans on their heads. Who knows?
    Wishing you a wonderful Monday,

  3. Susan Says:

    Yet another one Miki! How will I ever jump back on this fast moving train! But i am motivated and I love the idea that Fanta- can be a prefix for any imaginative painting. I’m thinking about FAnta-figures.
    This one feels like a council of elders awaiting the ships at sea, ready to welcome and provide guidance.

  4. mimulus Says:

    I love the sky you made and the way the “figures” contemplate it :).
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful paintings with us.
    It’s very relaxing for mind to spend some time here.


  5. helenl Says:

    Upon Looking, Some Say

    Some say, “An ocean storm is
    rougher at night.” Some see land
    in the horizon and a closer spot,

    where waves lap the shore. Others
    see dark clouds, sailboats on water.
    And some, viewing a circle of

    bending worshippers, believe
    the bugs behind the inner ring might
    worship, too. Some say, “the kneeling

    rocks can sing. The sky is too blue
    overhead. And who’s to know what’s

    behind the pink? The moon is
    a magnet—the moon who has a smaller
    sister.” And yes, some say, “she has two.”

    Upon looking, some say, “the queen is
    calling.” The queen is a metaphor
    for anything one can dream.

    Also posted at my blog.

  6. Upon Looking, Some Say « Windows Toward the World Says:

    […] by the picture, “Queen’s Call,” on Miki’s […]

  7. Miki Says:

    @ Helen
    So wonderful, Helen!
    You really make me look at my own paintings in a totally new way…I would even say that you make me look at my paintings for the first time!
    I don’t know what other people think and feel, but I am myself very proud and happy that my paintings can inspire such words and feelings to you… It is a kind of wonder to me…
    I can only say, again and again: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  8. Miki Says:

    @ Mimulus
    I love to see you here around, as much as I love to go to your blog… I wished I had more time for long discussions with you… by the sea… or upon the sea… drinking one of these wonderful light beers I drank in Rio along time ago… oh, I got nostalgic suddenly 🙂

    Thank you for your comment… a quite romantic interpretation of the figures somehow.. and yes, who knows? Where I saw them, the figures were looking towards Africa, Morocco…

    Your comments leave me most of the time without words, which does not make it easy for me to answer them 🙂
    You are a magician with words, this is for certain!

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