Fantascape #15 : Love in The Mountains

For me the world definitely stopped to look “real” the day Susan Cornelis and me decided to see it through the magic glasses of our fantasy…

lines and shapes and colours and shadows and lights

eternally embraced

in my French romanticism…

Escape into Susan’s Fantascape # 8


15 Responses to “Fantascape #15 : Love in The Mountains”

  1. givethemhell Says:

    Hello Miki,

    to me this looks like a feathered blue and turquose wing carrying you up into the mountains. You are really taking flights of fantasies here …
    Wishing you a beautiful weekend,

  2. versionscelestes Says:

    I can see wings, mountains, star clusters and a beautiful body.

    What a delight for our eyes!

    Bon week-end!

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Love those mountainous tits Miki! I always thought there was a similarity between mountain landscape and a woman’s body. THere is a myth here – Earth goddess weds king of the heavens.

    As for the world not looking real to us any more. . .perhaps it is simply another level of reality, which in some ways is even more real.

    What is that green shape int he upper left?

  4. helenl Says:

    Zeus & the Mythology of Lust

    A woman lies naked,
    bronzed and cold—nipples taut—
    thinks, “Love in the Mountains.”

    No explanation reaches toward her
    head, and what she calls love is
    nothing or conquest that flies in

    the wind. Certainly turquoise is
    among flowers & royal & purple &
    rust, eyelashes to guide warrior-wings,

    puffs of thunder. She sees everything
    but the chariot & what Zeus is swinging,
    way to low.

    also posted on my blog

  5. Zeus & the Mythology of Lust « Windows Toward the World Says:

    […] Inspired by Miki’s painting, “Love In the Mountains“ […]

  6. versionscelestes Says:

    En un movimiento de cielo,
    el cuerpo solo se proyecta
    como un reflejo.

  7. reinedespommes Says:

    On dirait des émaux ! mais que c’est beau !

  8. givethemhell Says:

    Happy birthday, dear Miki!
    May the sun shine on you and all your wishes come true.

  9. reinedespommes Says:

    Joyeux anniversaire Miki !
    Ici, tout au nord de la France, nous t’envoyons des bisous chargés de tendresse.
    Pomme, Piou et cie !

  10. Miki Says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely greetings! The sun is shining here today!

    @Pomme et Piou et cie
    Merci du plus profond de mon cœur! La tendresse et les bisous sont bien arrivés,ils tombent sans arrêt du ciel comme de grosses gouttes de pluie, mais ce ne sont pas des gouttes de pluie sinon des gouttes d’amour!!!

  11. Miki Says:

    Thank you so much for all the wonderful poems, it is a great series which we have together, another new dimension to the Fantascapes collaboration I have with Susan Cornelis. This is all so extremely exciting for me!

    @versions celestes
    en un solo movimiento de palabras
    tu alma de poeta se refleja
    en mi ojo de artita…
    1000 thanks for visiting and leaving such a beautiful comment

  12. wrjones Says:

    Just lovely.

  13. versionscelestes Says:

    Infinity + some + 2 = Poetry


  14. Miki Says:

    @ Versionscelestes
    Tu es la seule personne a avoir jamais fait référence au titre de mon blog… si tu savais comme cela me fait plaisir! Et maintenant j’adore “le look” de cette incroyable équation mathématique, c’est de la poésie pure en effet !

  15. sulochanosho Says:

    Sometimes, fountain springs on the top of the mountains.

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