“Toro 2010”: new bullfight paintings – #1

Gouache painting – 50 x 65 cm.

I am interrupting my series Fantascapes to show you what my life has been like these last weeks… I had unfortunately no much time to visit even my own blog and to thank you all for all the wonderful comments and poems you wrote. They all deeply touched me, and even more the fact too that you kept coming, although I was rather absent myself.

As I told it already in Cafe Crem:

About 6 months ago I have been contacted by a big printing company from Eastern Europa. They had found my bullfight paintings on the net, and approached me by mail in the following way::

“Hello Miki,

you are unable to understand how happy I am to finally find some images for our calendar title. The idea of this calendar is because the next year following to chinese will be bull year. so we have decided to have calendar of corrida, but it was very difficult to find some good paintings for it. Please let me know, if you have enough images for calendar title – i need 12 or 13 paintings. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE… “

Of course I accepted. The calendar being sold in 9 different countries, it could not be a better chance for me! I got a contract for 2009 and 2010, and I delivered my first 13 paintings in October 2007. The 2009 calendar is about to be published now and will appear in July in big stores all over Europe.

I must deliver the next 13 paintings for the 2010 calendar on the 1st of September this year, and as we will be travelling a lot, and even definitely moving to Kevin’s place here, and me even opening a new gallery, I won’t have time later on to make these paintings. And this is why, since we arrived here, I have taken the cape again and spend my days fighting the bulls…

Above, one of the paintings I did 2 weeks ago for the calendar 2010. I have finished now the 13 ones, and I am really happy about it, as I started to get quite nervous surrounded by all these aggressive beasts…

This painting above is still available as an original It is also available as Giclee print, on paper or canvas, in many different dimensions, and also as greeting card. Click in the widget below to go to my shop online

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14 Responses to ““Toro 2010”: new bullfight paintings – #1”

  1. shekhu Says:

    The forceful strokes do bring the action of this lively event.

  2. givethemhell Says:

    Hello Miki,
    this is a lovely painting for such a bloody event.
    Congratulations to your calendar contracts!
    Wishing you success with the “bullfight series”,

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Eva
    Bonjour! Yes, you are right, bullfight is a bloody event… but at the stage of the corrida when I made this painting, in about the first 5 minutes, no blood has run yet… this is the initial phase, with the rose and yellow cape…
    Thank you for your kind comment and your wishes! I know that the calendar will be in the big stores in East Germany, perhaps in West Germany too… you might see me there then!

    @ shekhu
    thank you for your visit and your comment!

  4. reinedespommes Says:

    Hello Miki !

    Congratulations, I’m so happy for you !

  5. David Lubetsky Says:

    Glorious and majestic!

  6. dovelove Says:

    Awesome painting — how exciting for you, Miki, congratulations!

  7. versionscelestes Says:

    Congratulations for this contract, Miki!

    Ce tableau me rappelle un peu ce poème (de la période surréaliste) de Vicente Aleixandre:

    T O R O

    Esa mentira o casta.
    Aquí, mastines, pronto; paloma, vuela; salta, toro,
    toro de luna o miel que no despega.
    Aquí, pronto; escapad, escapad, sólo quiero,
    sólo quiero los bordes de la lucha.

    Oh tú, toro hermosísimo, piel sorprendida,
    ciega suavidad como un mar hacia adentro,
    quietud, caricia, toro, toro de cien poderes,
    frente a un bosque parado de espanto al borde.

    Toro o mundo que no,
    que no muge. Silencio;
    vastedad de esta hora. Cuerno o cielo ostentoso,
    toro negro que aguanta caricia, seda, mano.

    Ternura delicada sobre una piel de mar,
    mar brillante y caliente, anca pujante y dulce,
    abandono asombroso del bulto que deshace
    sus fuerzas casi cósmicas como leche de estrellas,

    Mano inmensa que cubre celeste toro en tierra.

    Saludos fraternos,


  8. Miki Says:

    Thank you so much, Oh Happy Queen of the Apples!

    @ David Lubetsky
    Glorious and majectic comment, thank you! 🙂

    @ DoveLove
    Hi You there, so happy to see you back here, i hope you are fine!
    Thanks so much for the congratulations, it is for me very touching and exciting when “my” people participate emotionally to my painter’s life and successes!

    @ Versionscelestes
    1000 gracias por esta incredible poesía! Tengo que decir que no conozco a Vicente Aleixandre, pero voy a buscar por el. Que maravilla, y que placer de leerla al lado de mi cuadro. Me has dado una idea fantástica. En setiembre tengo una exposición en la casa de cultura de Mojacar (España, provincia de Almeria)donde exponere muchas cuadros de corrida. Podría poner una poesía o un texto relacionado con cada pintura, si encuentro. Tu sabes si Vicente Aleixandre ha escrito mas sobre los toros? O alguien mas?
    Bueno ahora mismo voy a buscar por el!!!

  9. versionscelestes Says:

    De Vicente Aleixandre, puedes buscar el poema dialogado “El Misterio de la Muerte del Toro”. Se encuentra en su ultimo libro: “Dialogos del Conocimiento”

    Muchos saludos.

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  11. Miki Says:

    @ versionscelestes
    Muchísimas gracias por la información… lo he encontrado, con otros cosas mus interesantes para mi…

  12. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I can’t wait to get my copy of the calendar!! There is so much electrifying energy in this painting, I can almost picture you out there Miki, with your red cape flashing. Yes, this company was quite fortunate to find you.

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