Portugal in the Box – #11

Monday 9th June 2008


I promised it yesterday and I did it: we went back to Lisbon today. But this time we went there as civilised guys: we took the bus as everybody does, and then the Metro, and everything went nice and smoooth. It is cool to be a rebel, but well, like always, it is a question of the right quantity, and sometimes these civilised institutions are very useful… (most of the time I guess, but so boring!)

The thing is that buses and metros normally depress me. Most of the time they are full of solitary and dead people. For whatever reason, most of the people who travel this way are alone, and look as such, lonely and unhappy in this awful world which is filtering through the dusty windows. The metro is even worse as the world through the window is just black and neon..

No much difference in Lisbon, although everything here, and in Portugal generally, seems more spacious, which gives a sensation of freedom. And then, of course, as always in a new country, it is very interesting to observe people in public transportation, how they cope with daily life and perhaps loneliness. These places are the best to have a glance at a country´s soul. Here in Portugal people seem much healthier in their mind than anywhere else I have ever been before. Better balanced, better life philosophers somehow. And what strikes me all the time since we arrived in Portugal, is the politeness. The people here are extremely polite, all of them. They always greet you in the street, never miss an occasion to thank you with a smile, to give up their seat to you if you are an older woman (luckily I had not to pass myself through this test…), to help with some info, to let you through in a cash or bus queue. You would not believe how people in Spain have become, at least where I used to live in the Costa Blanca, the Spaniards and the Foreigners: they could kill to win a place in the queue!

Anyway, this day became an expensive day, We made a lot of shopping, not really local stuff, on the contrary. I needed a new power adaptor for my laptop, Kevin wanted to look at some music, and some other things for the daily pleasure, so finally we arrived at for me the most hated shop „El Cortes Ingles“. Most hated because it reminds me unpleasant moments, some travels where I had to spend too much time searching for the Cortes Ingles for other people travelling with me, while I wanted to spend the time doing much more sensible (for me) things! Even my friends who are golfers buy their stuff there in Spain, as these chains have a really a good range of products.

But well, with Kevin it is different, it is for me a basic and vital need to try to do everything to make him happy (as he does himself with me), and when I finally see his childish, so pure happiness when he finds the right music, then I am deeply happy myself. Don´t believe these are just words from a love soap opera. Love can really be like that!

We made each other some presents, I got a great top in the style we both love, patchwork style… I always thought that this style was really a good symbol of my own personality. I always felt myself like a patchwork piece, but with all the pieces nicely connected to each other, so that I never had any trauma of a personality full of contradictions. If contradictions are well connected and juxtaposed, contradictions become contrasts, and can be very charming and appealing, as much in a personality as everywhere else, especially in art, music, literature, etc.

By the way I guess this patchwork personality is the reason of my eclecticity in art… and not the sign of an impossibility or inacapacity to focus, like some classical and less imaginative art critics tend to believe…

So, here we are. We spent a good day in Lisbon, Kevin was happy, I was happy, and we even bought some incredible bread which I had for lunch. Yes, just bread! I can tell you, I renounce to any well prepared dish for a warm and crunchy piece of fresh bread!

At the end of the afternoon we took the bus back to the campsite, and I spent the rest of the day doing nothing, except being upset about my new power adaptor and my laptop. I don´t know what is happening, but my laptop´s battery is going mad since we left, I can´t really charge it. I have to work always on the lead, which makes our computer work in the motorhome very complicated, as we must pay attention with electricity all the time although our solar panel is doing a good job in this sunny land..

Well, apparently, it is not a problem of the adaptor, as the new one failed to recharge my battery… it must be a deeper personality disorder!


2 Responses to “Portugal in the Box – #11”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    Haaaa le bon pain frais , rien de meilleur Miki, comme je te comprends 😉

  2. Daud Says:

    Chère consœur bloggeuse, je me suis permis de vous “taguer“, bien à vous et bonne soirée.

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