Portugal in the Box – #12

Tuesday 10th June 2008

Lisbon – Cascais – Cabo da Roca – Sintra

Another dream in „The Weird Dreams“ series tonight, unfortunately I just remember a little bit, but I know that it was heavy stuff. My dreams always totally affect the way I feel when I wake up, and this morning I really felt as if the word had gone down over night!

It was a strange world somehow, with not much light, and everything seemed upside down, the houses, the trees, even some of the people walked upside down. I was one of the few who walked and lived the right way up. I noticed that the animals in my environment started to disappear, one after the other, above all the dogs and the cats. I started to make some research and found a strange place underground, a kind of palace with an immense park, still underground. In this park I saw all of the disappeared animals, in rows. But they were no more alive, they were stuffed and mounted. I approached one of the dogs, and as soon as I was very close, it started to speak to me:

Please, please, free me!“

This is all I remember…

It is Bernard´s (my youngest brother) birthday today. He is living on a Catamaran in Tahiti and I am not sure I will be able to call him. I left his mobile number at home, and called my mother in Spain yesterday to get it from her, but she had lost it… I even called my other brother, spending his holiday in Spain right now, he hadn´t the number either. By the way, he told me that the weather is awful in Spain, and that the truck drivers are rebelling because of the fuel prices, blocking the highways, and fuel has become rare in the stations! A good thing that we are in Portugal! Although the fuel prices here are extravagant…

I could finally send a birthday mail to my brother. Funny, as I was writing the mail at the campsite reception, the two girls there were calling somebody on the phone and singing

Happy birthday to you“

in Portuguese. But I am sure it was not my brother whom they called!

We left Lisbon about 4 in the afternoon, and I felt quite relieved. I am happy that we were here, that Kevin could see this wonderful city, but well, I had been there before, twice already, it was nothing new.

Now we start with the part of Portugal I don´t know at all, north of Lisbon, and this is the real excitement for me.

We drove along what some call „La Riviera Portuguesa“, a succession of lovely sandy beaches full of people. In fact we saw there far more cars and people than in Lisbon, which seemed strange somehow, considering that it is a week day. But perhaps it is a festive day here… the woods around Lisbon were filled with people having barbecues too.

After the beaches we drove along a very wild coast and I loved it! Much more my style than the crowded sandy beaches in fact! Great vegetation grew on a kind of volcanic ground, short plants covering the stones, looked like as if they were made out of rubber and producing wonderful big flowers in yellow, red, pink, white. I guess when they are all blossoming at the same time, it must be like in Wonderland!

We then drove along a road which again put all my senses on alert, kind of

I am scared to death!“,

to El Cabo da Roca , the most westerly point in Europe. I know I have said before that we have been to the most westerly spot, but it was not really, this one was a little bit more westerly!

Under a gigantic cross is written

This is the place where the land stops

And the sea begins…“

It could have been wonderful there, really like at the end of the land, almost nobody was there, when suddenly a troupe of Spanish teens arrived. From the very first moment it was clear that they were not Portuguese. The behaviour was totally different, something like:

Here we are!“

and kind of pushing with their elbows to make their way. Just not my way,… I don´t know how the Portuguese are at home, but their public behaviour is so different, so polite, full of respect and courtesy…

We drove to Sintra, the place which the ancient Portuguese kings elected as their summer residence, and which the English Poet Byron described as a „divine creation“. I guess it is a wonderful place, but the only things I have seen until now, are

  • bloody (English) people moaning about us parking our motorhome in a residential zone

  • hundreds of starving cats

  • the beautiful house in front of which we are parked with a sign on it: „Institute for Drugs Addicts“

Of course, this is all divine creation.. the bloody English, and the starving cats, and the Drugs… anyway, I must see if I can convince Kevin to go inside there tomorrow after his drugs orgy in the centre of Lisbon…


3 Responses to “Portugal in the Box – #12”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    After reading several days worth of your travels your dreams have combined with the daily adventures until I feel like I’m in your twilight zone with you, wondering which was dream and which was reality. It’s a rich patchwork, that is certain!

  2. ivdanu Says:

    I always thought parking an RV would be a problem… that, and the fact that I don’t have the money, prevent me from getting one…

    A part the bloody English and the cats seems a good place to park…

  3. Lily Says:

    *laughs* I liked reading your description of your travels in Portugal. I adore Sintra – go to Quinta Da Regaleira – fabulous mystical place! Your wry look at everything amused me though. I shall go and read some more of your posts 🙂

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