Portugal in the Box – #14

Thursday 12th June 2008


… I am walking along a black stone beach. I am alone, and sad. Suddenly there appears in front of me, standing on a big black square stone, a gigantic, kind of glass monolith. Standing next to it, a smaller precious red stone, a ruby.

I approach the glass monolith and as I want to touch it, it begins to melt into tears and the tears progressively transform into a woman who then runs to the sea and drowns herself. I run behind her to try to save her, but as soon as she enters the water she melts into water droplets. I try to catch some of the drops from her but then the foam transforms in a white net, which catches me and throws me back to the red stone.

Now I am trying to lift the ruby, but again, in the moment I touch it, it transforms into a red liquid, which looks like blood. The blood is running over the black stones down to the sea and I suddenly see a bleeding body in the sea. I think it is the woman and I run back there, but at this moment the waterfoam transforms in a gigantic white bird which flies away, pulling the whole sea behind him…“

This fishing town seemed so welcoming to us yesterday evening as we arrived that we decided to spend a full day here and another night. Another good reason being that Kevin had detected a wireless internet, so we thought we could have internet at home, which was a deep relief for us. It is really not easy to be on the road as we are, I mean, really on the road, traveling all the time, and to keep in touch, privately and for work, with the rest of the world.. It is big stress in fact, and I hope that one day we will be able to find a solution, by that I mean to have mobile internet on board. We tried before we left, but we could not find any satisfactory solution. I hope the technique will soon make progress on this point.

Anyway this morning Kevin tried to find the wireless net back while I was painting, sat with his computer everywhere, inside and outside, finally detected it at exactly the same spot as the evening before, not one meter further (strange, somehow…), but unfortunately the provider must have noticed the presence of an uninvited guest and the access to the net demanded a keyword now!

We walked to the the harbour, or what they call the harbour. In fact they don´t have any harbour although this is a town dedicated to fishing. Cars and boats all park together there in front of the sea on the concrete. We watched the return of a fishing boat, and it was great to see how a tractor approaches the sea, then entered the water a little bit. They then attached the boat to the tractor and they pull it this way out of the water, bringing it to its parking place! I never saw that before! I really wonder why they don´t have a proper harbour… has it been destroyed by the sea or by some war? In fact there IS a gigantic vertical wall protecting the town… from the sea, from the enemy, or what? And in fact one can see at the bottom of the wall the ruins of what must have been a big construction, enormous stones, remains of stairs everywhere… you see, if we had internet on board, I coulsd answer all these questions. If I were in another country I could also ask the inhabitants. But here the communication is VERY difficult. With the quantity of languages I speak, I was never faced with a problem before (except in Greece, it was even worse there…).

I made some small drawings and then we went shopping, little presents again (regular little presents entertain wonderfully the feeling of being somebody very special… we both love it, and all of you too I guess, so do it!).

I painted in the afternoon, adding some water colour to some ink sketches. I am still very behind with all my sketches, and I know that I won´t be able to change it. I won´t be able to paint as much as I need too, but it is ok. We are two persons on this trip, and it is immensely impotant that we both enjoy, both do what we love to do, and do it together as much as possible. Kevin is very generous and supportive there, he tries to leave much free time to paint as much as possible. We have decided to take more time for the trip, much more than we planned, to see this time only a part of Portugal. We will then come back another time for the rest, as we both have fallen in love with this country.

We were discussing these new plans in the early evening, with a delightful glass of shandy, in front of the sea and the divine sunset, while I was trying to sketch some local women… But my pad was too small. Not that the women were enormous. But when I can´t draw from the boomobile, I have so much stuff to take with me (motorhomes are often visited by thieves in Europe, so you need to tale the most important things when you leave it alone) that I can only take a tiny pad… very frustrating sometimes! Moaning again? Not really… I am really aware how lucky I am to be in all these places with all these great painting themes!


2 Responses to “Portugal in the Box – #14”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    What what what ??? big women ??? take a big paper Miki 😉 (sorry my english is more and more bad)
    Big kiss !

  2. helenl Says:

    Miki, I am enjoying your accounts of the places you go. Hope you get more painting time. Are you going to paint the dreams?

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