Portugal in the Box – #15

Friday 13th June 2008

Ericeira – Peniche

I sit with some aquaintances in a mini bus. We are driving through a desert, to a place where there is a canyon, with turquoise water down below. This place is a kind of test, the entrance to a special city, which is invisible for now. To be able to see and enter the city you must pass the following test: suspend yourself at arms length, at full stretch, on 2 branches of 2 trees which are hanging above the precipice, bend as far as possible above the emptiness and sing:

Cou cou rou cou cou, Cou cou rou cou cou!“

I am scared to death, being subject to vertigo, but I think, well, if I fall down, being a good swimmer, I might survive if the waters down there are deep enough…

An old woman looking like a stork passes the test successfully, so I hope I will be able too.

Once the test is passed, you go to a machine with many buttons. The thing is that you can configure your city the way you want to have it. You can choose a church, another monument, different kinds of shops, etc. You can also choose the colour of all these houses and monuments. Once all the parts are chosen by the participants, these parts arise all at the same time from the waters down in the canyon…“

My dreams have gone mad since we started travelling, and I have decided to write some down. It is so interesting for me to see how my brain combines in the night the elements it sees in the day and makes weird stories out of them. Quite fascinating. I could make a bigger effort to remember more, but then I would spend my holidays writing my dreams down! There was a time in my life when I studied my dreams, and finally I had nothing more under control, neither my dreams nor my real life, nor myself! I spent my whole nights dreaming extraordinary stories, the more I studied them in the daytime, the weirder and longer they became, and the betterI could remember then. I then spent my days writing them down. The whole process lasted about 2 months and I stopped as I noticed that I was becoming quite weird myself…

But a little bit, like now, this is ok. And with my down-to-earth Kevin on my side, no danger to go really mad!

We spent the morning in Ericeira doing some shopping again. Kevin had spotted some great shorts the day before as he had gone alone into the town with his laptop chasing after some wireless internet. I must tell you, Kevin is totally addicted to great clothes, and I find it funny, as I am the contrary. With him I really have a lot of fun to go shopping, to find extravagant stuff for him. His pleasure when we find something good is such a happiness for me. Anyway we came back to the motorhome with 2 new pairs of shorts, and he looks so sexy in them that I am asking myself if it was really a good idea to get them…

Then we left Ericeira, with a great feeling in our heart. We really loved that fishing town!

Kevin had read in the meanwhile that the fuel problem was in the process of being solved, at least in Portugal. And in fact we didn´t see anymore closed stations or long queues on the way. But we still saw Portuguese flags hanging everywhere, even on donkeys!

We drove most of the time along the coast, to reach the next important town called „Peniche“, by the Cap Carvoeiro. I had decided to go and stop there only because I liked the name. A „peniche“ is a narrow-boat in French. I like this word, and I like narrow-boats too, they have for me the romaticism of „to be on the road again“, but on the river. Just like sailing boats too, on the sea. The motorhome was thought of as something like that, and in fact it works very well: to be on the road all the time, but with the feeling and the facilities of being home when one needs it…

Well, Peniche was a good choice, from what we have seen until now. Driving around the Cape, we had a first stop where we climbed down a cascade of thousands of gigantic rocks that had tumbled towards the wild ocean. Again I was scared to death for Kevin, who likes „to jump like a young goat“ from stone to stone, putting himself in big danger of breaking his ankles, which are quite weak, due to two serious sprains in the last few years, and then to fall in to the big ocean! Yes, I am a good swimmer, but I don´t believe I had a chance to survive myself in ths wild and cold ocean. But one thing is sure: I would spring after him!

Anyway we had a great time down the rocks and made a lot of photos. Then we drove to the old town, with an imposing seafront, with big walls and a sanctuary. We parked there, I made some sketches while Kevin went to spy on the competiton: a gig was going on there, the bands were rehearsing. He must have looked like one of them, as he managed to walk straight through the security!

Later on, as they started to block the streets because of the gig, we left the parking, got quite stuck in the narrow roads, but still managed to find a way out of the town and we drove to a wonderful place by the coast, where we had a long walk on something which looked like an island, but which had been connected to the mainland with some little bridges, A wonderful place to watch the sunset, which again was breathtaking. We had dinner there, but drove away afterwards, because we had the feeling we were not safe for the night. Since the night had fallen, many cars were arriving („young people from Catholic families who have not the chance to have a shag at home“, Kevin´s theory…), and with the gig going on in the town, we thought this would not stop the whole night.

We found the town parking by some kind of waterway, full of motorhomes and boats, and we even found a nice place there for the night.

Another great day in Paradise!


3 Responses to “Portugal in the Box – #15”

  1. bob cornelis Says:


    Interesting – sounds like Kev is quite a shopper, often a quality lacking in members of our gender. I, too, like to shop, even to go with my wife to shop for her! Unfortunately she is averse to shopping a bit, so our opportunities to do this are few. I wish she’d let me adorn her the way you do Kev!

    I’ve noticed that your “real” world adventures have a certain quality to them that sometimes makes it hard for me to tell whether you are relating one of your dreams or not! It’s always helpful when you identify which is which!

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I think maybe I should take Bob up on this offer to adorn me, don’t you? We’re going to Mendocino on the coast next weekend and they have a lot of cute shops. . .hmmmmm.
    I don’t think I’ve ever run across such colorful dreams as yours. What about sketching a scene from them. I’m sure you’ve tried that too?

  3. 2.ezaplecze.net » Blog Archive » Old Woman in Ericeira Painting Portugal Says:

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