Portugal in the Box – #17

Sunday 15th June 2008

Peniche – obisdos – Sao Pedro de Muei

Again, a lot of heavy dreams tonight, but no remembering. If the night dreams are not there at once in your memory, you can try to catch them back. This is something one can practice and learn, but for that one needs to have total peace within- and without, free of „real noises“. I hadn´t them this morning. A lot was going on outside on these special festival days of Peniche. A band had its gig, but not a rocky one. One of the social marching bands, the ones for these special events like this festival, forming a procession through the town. Although this was different again. We were parked in front of the Fire Station and I saw in the yard a troupe of men clothed in red, marching to the rhythm of the heavy music. They had a funny way to march, balancing their arms and legs and bodies in a very exaggerated way. I wonder if it is the national way….

It was not such a sunny day… the first time really since we arrived in Portugal more than 2 weeks ago. I just hope that the good weather won´t let us down now, we still have 4 or 5 weeks to go, and unfortunately, towards the north….

We had a walk through the very busy town, both carrying our laptops, as we had spotted some Wi-Fi cafes the day before. I don´t know how that is possible on a Sunday, but they all were closed! I wonder if the Portuguese go only to cafes in the week, when they should work… or if the Catholic religion here even forbids the Cafes on


I want here to apologise to all of you who read these lines. We have hardly any possibilities to go on the net, and we have very restricted electrical power in the motorhome to run the computers. When I finally get a connection I have no time to check all my mails, neither to comment back nor of course to visit your blogs. But I do take the time to read your comments, and believe me, this is wonderful to hear from you while we are on the road. This is something like our roots, which we carry with us around the world…

We left Peniche about midday and drove to a small, bucolic medieval town called „Obidos“. Surely a well-known spot in Portugal, as the entrance is divided into immense different park areas with strict laws. This is the first time since we arrived in Portugal that we have seen a special area for motorhomes, with all the facilities except the most important one (electricity!), but above all that there was a parking forbidden to the motorhomes! What struck us here in Portugal all the time was the generosity of the country in parking places for all vehicles, especially motorhomes. Unlike in other countries, they were accepted everywhere and this gave us the feeling to be welcome. Kevin was so fed up about that that he didn´t want to visit the town. But I needed to make some sketches, so we managed to find a place outside the controlled area, from which I had a very nice view. Later on we even found a great place for the motorhome, at the other side of the village, where the laws still hadn´t arrived. And I could even convince Kevin to have a walk through the town. Unfortunately the sun was still not shining, but I guess, bathed in sunshine this town must look amazing. No wonder that the Americans were there again!

I don´t know where the town gets the money from, but they were building a medieval market for a 10 day event in July, with hundreds of little houses which will serve as stands I guess. It must cost them a fortune, and this for only 10 days? It is difficult sometimes to understand how public money gets used. The same thing in the afternoon. We were driving on a lonely road, through woods, very close to the sea. Suddenly a wonderful bike/pedestrian track started, totally new, covered with pristine red tarmac, and it went on for ages, really for ages. In the whole time we followed it, about one hour I would say, we saw about 5 cars on the road, and one bike, one woman and one dog on the track. No wonder, nobody lives here. There are some lonely villages by the sea, but really just some isolated houses. And the irony is that in these villages the streets are covered with cobbled stones, one can hardly drive on them. So I am asking: why are they spending so much money on such useless projects? In Spain I would say there is some bribe involved. But here?

Anway, after Obidos we had a lunch and a long walk on the sea promenade by the lagoon in Foz de Arelho. A very busy place, full of Portuguese tourism. I guess the place where the people from the whole area spend the Sunday Swimming, sunbathing, eating ice cream Jetskiing, all this kind of stuff. Not exactly my kind of place, although I had an ice cream too… but I didn´t like it, it was one of these sophisticated choco flavours, purporting to be Mayan, which for me tastes like hell…

We had problems to find a place for the night this time. We went through some bigger towns by the coast too, which I had thought would be nice, but they were not. No character somehow, no charm of any kind, and too busy. But we finally found a wonderful place above the sea, with a spectacular view. Like always, we spent the night in our 5 stars hotel-restaurant, with an even better view and a better cook then they have!


One Response to “Portugal in the Box – #17”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    One thing that strikes me about your travels is that there are so many people and events with people happening everywhere. I get the feeling of population density, which perhaps I’m not as accustomed to, living in the country as I do. Locals and tourists, I guess, but with fewer tourists than in Spain?

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