Portugal in the Box – #21

Thursday 19th June 2008

Torreira – Porto – Vila Cha

Did I say „And then up to Porto!“ ?
Yes, I did.

Well, we should tonight be well parked and wasting water and electricity in a camp site in Porto, but we are not. Parked in a camp site, yes! Wasting, yes, and even much more than we planned, as we are both very frustrated. All lights are switched on in the motorhome, all laptops are connected, all camera batteries are being charged, but… we are not in Porto! We are about 30km north of Porto and as I finally got my voice back I stated:
„I don´t go back to Porto!“
Because, yes, we have been in Porto today and I think it was the worst city I have ever crossed in my life. ‚Trafically’ speaking I mean. I have been in some bad cities before, the worst having been Paris, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro, the very worst being Napoli in Italia. But what we experienced today in Porto was simply the worst traffic nightmare I have ever experienced. And when one considers that Kevin had to maneuver the 7 meter long monster through this traffic, then you might understand that we both lost our nerves. He lost his nerves because of the traffic and I lost mine because he lost his and I was finally scared to death, really: to death! And I still can´t believe that we have left that town without having had an accident!
I guess we had the bad luck to come through when the most important festivities are going on.
A pity though, I must say, and this might be the deepest reason of my frustration tonight. From what we have seen from Porto (and it was a lot as we drove a long time by the riverside, and then through the centre and quite through the historical part of the town)  I just can say that it is an extraordinarily beautiful, interesting and crazy city. We would have had plenty of stuff to see, places to visit, and subjects for me to sketch.
But well, we will go back to Porto one day. But not soon, not on this trip. For the moment we will stay some days in this camping which is quite nice, relax, and have some bike rides all around.

There is even one computer connected to the internet when you put coins into it, and it is in a quiet room, so I might have a chance to write some mails to my dear friends… By the way, this morning in Torreira, the internet cafe where we were sent to yesterday from the tourism office, was closed.


One Response to “Portugal in the Box – #21”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    Don’t worry dear Miki, we are waiting 😉
    For the moment, the most important is : to be well with Kevin.
    Excuse for my french-english ! héhéhé
    Apple !

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