“Toro 2010”: new bullfight paintings – #9

“Si los espectáculos cultos ponen ante mis ojos un mundo de inmoralidad y una exuberancia de lujo que ciega mis ojos al tocar al corazón, hoy tengo derecho a mis corridas de toros.”
Antonio Peña y Goñi (Spanish composor, music critic and bullfight critic, 1846 – 1896 )

(“If the modern spectacles present me with a world of amorality and an exuberance of luxury which blinds my eyes and pierces my heart, then I have the right to my bullfights!”)


Considering the era in which he lived, his quote is strangely prophetic and I can only agree wiht it.

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One Response to ““Toro 2010”: new bullfight paintings – #9”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    magnifique Miki !
    On a l’impression de le voir bouger !

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