Portugal in The Box, The Sketches – #3

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6 Responses to “Portugal in The Box, The Sketches – #3”

  1. Isabelle Says:

    J’aime beaucoup le viel home sur le banc. It portrays such peaceful atmosphere. C’est une image de mon enfance que je ne vois guère ici. I love the colors !

  2. helenl Says:

    Miki, I like these, especially the third one down. The reflection in the water is superb. I want to BE in this picture. Love, Helen

  3. sulochanosho Says:

    Bright, white, slender wonder sketches, that’s soothing.

  4. Miki Says:

    Merci beaucoup pour ton commenataire, ravie de te relire ici! Yes, it is a Southern image, somehow. We have in South of France, and in Spain too, many of these old men having a nap on a chair or a bench.. if you come back to France, you can still see them, the people from your enfance!

    Hi, so nice to see you again after this long trip! I was looking forward to it.
    If you want to be in the water with all the reflections, just jump, it was deep enough. But if you can’t swim or float, just stand by the river and look into the water, you will see your own reflection… but don’t FALL in love in it! 🙂

    Thanks so much, this is a very kind comment. And nice to see you again!

  5. bob cornelis Says:

    I love the last picture of the old man (?) on the bench. You’ve captured the posture so well – there’s a particular way older folks sit on park benches that tells a story about their day.

    I also like how you use your colors – always strong and emphatic but used in a way that harmonizes really well. Often when I try to use color this way it just looks jumbled and garish.

    Very nice!

  6. wrjones Says:

    I really like the car and buggy piece. The old and the new. I think I’m commenting in the wrong place. Help me.

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