Portugal in The Box, The Sketches – #4

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10 Responses to “Portugal in The Box, The Sketches – #4”

  1. malwaththawala Says:

    I’m teacher goventment school in Sri Lanka. Your painting is Nice and I respect your skill.visit our school blog it has more paining.- my mail munasinhe@gmail.com

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I know you don’t move when you paint Miki, so I guess all that inner movement goes down on the paper and I feel swept away with it. Especially your skies are so much more alive than most that I’ve seen.

  3. versionscelestes Says:

    Hola Miki:

    Maravilloso ese cielo sobre la iglesia.

    A bientĂ´t.

    Saludos celestes

  4. bobcornelis Says:

    More great color palettes! I was impressed with how you managed the perspective in the second piece. Getting the stairs to look right with the walkway leading away would be beyond me. Maybe that’s why I like abstract work – there’s no “right” way to do it!

    I noticed your paper looks toned – do you do a wash over it or do you use a cream colored paper? It gives a nice overall warming effect to the pieces.

  5. versionscelestes Says:

    J’aime bien ce ciel, ce bleu, me emociona.

    Versions C.

  6. Amanda Says:

    Very nice! I love the colors. I’m usually not a big fan of watercolors because their so washed out. I tend to use a lot of vibrant colors in my pieces so I love how these look.

  7. Miki Says:

    Thanks for your kind comment. I understand you very good, I love vibrant colours too, and normally, my watercolour paintings are quite vibrant too, more than normal ones. These ones were only sketches, it is a little bit different. My other work, in gouache and acrylics, is very vibrant too!!! Have a look at my professional website http://www.goodaboom.com if you like to see some vibrant stuff 🙂 and in the meanwhile I will have a look at yours!

    Bonjour, so pleased to see you here! Malheureusement j’ai un travail fou en ce moment et je ne peux pas trop blogger…
    Je pense que généralement tu dois aimer tous les cieux, non, avec un nom pareil? Ou seulement le ciel bleu? 🙂

    You know, Bob, i have generally such a problem with stairs that when I sketch them, I don’t even look at it because I get vertigo thinking of all the perspective stuff. I don;t know if that one on the sketch today is good, it comes directly from my intuition. and to tell the whole truth I am not even sure that it was really there, i might have added it to complete the composition…. I do things like that often, but I never remember then… I don’t take it so seriously with the real architecture…
    No, I never wash wash a paper before, I have zero patience for such preparations. This paper was indeed a little bit toned, but is is almost per accident that i used it, i could not find my usual pas that day! In fact it is nice to work on cream paper, above all when you have much white then, like Spanish houses. I use this kind of paper normally for portraits, in grey or in cream.

    Hi and thanks for visiting. I would be pleased to have a look at your school blog, just give me the address, please.

    My skies are often invented… I can’t stop my brush moving like crazy, must be a nervous decease!

  8. ricktipton Says:

    Interesting work! I especially like the travel log I have to figure out how to stick to a schedule with my log as I’ll be walking across Spain next month and hopefully i can compile my sketches and WC’s into some thign presentable. but as to a running blog not a chance> No laptop and I’ll be in out of the way places most of the way. It’ll all have to wait till I get back to Germany. Then I can fight my way through trying to turn it all into a travel guide with my illustrations and photos. My art work is here too ricktipton.wordpress.com

  9. Miki Says:

    Thanks for your comment, ricktipton. I wish you a great walk through Spain,a nd I will surely have a look at your travel guide when you are back!

  10. anna Says:

    I love and hate the one with the church. I love it because it is beautiful but hate it because it reminds me of living abroad and feeling so alone.

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