Portugal in The Box, The Sketches – #6

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9 Responses to “Portugal in The Box, The Sketches – #6”

  1. oldnil Says:

    lovely, all of them. my favorite is the couple sitting in the park

  2. reinedespommes Says:

    Superbe Miki ! j’adore !!! bravo.

  3. bobcornelis Says:

    Again, wonderful vignettes! I love your blues. If it’s water, I want to jump in and if it’s sky I want to take a deep breath.

    My favorite detail is the way in which the tires of the red car in the first painting are facing the viewer – very Picasso-esque!

    I’ve tried watercolor sketching myself (after all, I live with someone who teaches how to do it!). I’m not very successful at it, so I am humbled by your skill at capturing these moments.

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Oldnil
    Thank you very much for the kind comment. I quite like the couple too! One can see that they have spent a life together, the way they resemble each other 🙂

    @ Reinedespommes
    Bonjour Applequeen! C’est toujours un grand bonheur de te lire ici au milieu de tous “mes” anglophones! Et merci pour tes compliments, j’adore!!!

    @ Bob
    Thanks Bob! I like the detail you are speaking about too! Looks quite funny! I did not do it on purpose, though… really not!
    I think you should go with sketching. I have no idea, perhaps watercolour is not your technique? Or perhaps the process? I really don’t see any reason why you should not be successful in fact, having seen all your art. Have you found out what it is exactly what you don’t like in your watercolour sketches?
    There are many ways, I think, to approach watercolour sketching, perhaps try another one? Have you tried the “blind drawing” method? I would be really interested to know why you are not happy with your sketches, I might then learn something myself, as I have the feeling that we are quite similar in our way to create art… a

  5. wrjones Says:

    The couple in the park is my favorite also. After looking at the cars, I think I’m afraid to drive in that neigborhood. I will just have to look at your paintings of the place.

  6. brittany marie Says:

    I love the loose hand you have…and the colors are really alive and captivating! What a beautiful way to capture Portugal.

  7. Miki Says:

    @ Brittany
    Thanks! Portugal was so beautiful that it was easy to capture! And my hand, yes, sometimes it is so loose that I have the feeling it is not even attached to the rest of my body! 🙂

    @ Bill
    You just have to develop your reflexes a little bit better, that’s all!

  8. versionscelestes Says:

    Hermosas las escenas de la ciudad y del parque. Me encanta ese coche que parece que estuviera saltando!

  9. Baha Says:

    Dear Miki,

    I love these!
    These are much better than just _sketches_

    I wonder how I can buy them 🙂 Please contact me via email.

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