The Coffee Cup Mambo

Kev Moore, Rocker and  Mon Amour, wrote this piece a few months back, in homage to Cafe Crem. He dedicated it to all our friends there, and I myself want to dedicate it too to all my friends HERE who love their coffee in the morning and can’t function without it… as we do!I


9 Responses to “The Coffee Cup Mambo”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    My dear Miki,
    I’ll try to write in english because I want that Kevin read that !

    So, hum hum hum … it’s fantastic ! I look this video with a big smile during the 3 minutes ! So funny !!!
    I never drink coffee now, I drink tea.
    There’s no reason for that, just a “caprice”. But when I see that, I really have pleasure to drink a coffee with you !
    Many, many love for you two !

    Apple’s queen 😉

  2. kevmoore Says:

    Bonjour Pomme! How kind of you to comment – and in English too!
    Merci beaucoup pour votre mots, c’est vraiment gentile! (I think that’s what I mean)

  3. reinedespommes Says:

    Yes Kevin ! you speak very well french !

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Reinedespommes & Kevmoore

    I adore it when tous les deux you start a conversation in votre mareveilleux language, full of gentle mots and caprices!

  5. reinedespommes Says:

    We are doing what we can ! 🙂
    I like speak english, but my sons say that I speak like a baby ! (I was good at school but it’s so far ! (oups !) )

  6. reinedespommes Says:

    PS : I forgot to say : I like very much the last image of you Kevin 😉

  7. Chris Says:

    i like your paintings a lot!, the use of colour,so warm.
    I too paint in acrylic and have sketched, your sketching style is wonderfull by the way.
    I appreciate you views on maths in your reply on Bob Cornelis blog, it is just that me and maths have never got on, I wish I could see, anyway I shall keep looking at your blog now I that i have found it.

  8. Miki Says:

    Hello Chris!

    I am so surprised to see here! I think I must first apologise for my quite vehement reaction on Bob’s blog. I am normally quite a civilised person, but when it comes to maths and its protection, I feel like a mummy tiger protecting her baby! 🙂

    I understand the problem and hate you have for maths. A big problem with maths is the way it is taught in the school (at least in the past. I don’t know hot it is nowadays), and normally one gets to hate it very rapidly, and one never gets to know it deeper. The maths I was speaking about are the maths one meets when one does high studies of mathematics, and well, it has in fact nothing to do with the maths from school.
    So, really,I understand you.

    And it is wonderfully “fair play” that you make me compliments about my paintings! I deeply appreciate it!!! Thank you so much.

  9. mimulus Says:

    I love your sketches, Miki! Portugal was a great inspiration for you, wasn’t it? I like specially the ones with people, I can almost see the scene you captured!

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