Busy Busy…

Sorry, my friends… No time to blog right now, I am preparing 2 big exhibitions, all together about 80 paintings. The exhibiting artists will know what a work that means!

The first one will start on Wednesday in Vera (Spain, Almeria). I will exhibit there bigger acrylics paintings on canvas, characterized by strong colours (as always I guess!) and structures.

The other one will start on Friday, in the culture centre of Moajcar (Spain, Almeria). The main theme will be bullfight paintings.

Both exhibitions are meant to introduce me in that area, as we are moving there right now. I will open a new gallery/atelier in Turre   (Spain, Almeria) in October, so you see, still much work to come!

Please visit my new website:

T O R O : Bull and Bullfightart


10 Responses to “Busy Busy…”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    Je t’envoie plein de courage pour tes expositions Miki !
    J’adore l’homme au bateau et cette explosion de couleurs sur chacune de tes toiles.

  2. Chris Says:

    Love the top one, that is the first one you see as you scroll down the screen, the reds and the orange, the use of hot colour.
    Hope the exhibitions go well and the move is ok.

  3. ivdanu Says:

    Good luck with both exhibition, miki! I’m sure you will have the succes you so well deserve!
    So long for now…

  4. mimulus Says:

    Good luck, Miki! I’m sure you will rock!

  5. shelleymhouse Says:

    How exciting!!! Big hugs!

  6. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Oh, I do sooo understand how much work this will be. So, blessings to you for successful exhibitions! I hope you sell lots of paintings and get many new collectors who appreciate your extraordinary talent.

  7. DavidJackson.info Says:

    Miki painting exhibition in Mojacar…

    I’ve been told that Miki is holding an exhibition of paintings, mainly concentrated around Bullfighting, in the Mojacar cultural centre starting on Friday.
    More info> http://www.goodaboom.com/MikisBlog.html

    Rating 3.00 o…

  8. bobcornelis Says:

    If these two are representatives of what you will be showing, I suspect your painting inventory will be seriously depleted over the next few weeks! Beautiful!

    Good luck with the shows and all the work – I can’t imagine doing two at once!

  9. Miki Says:

    @ Bob & Susan
    Thanks so much for the compliments and the good luck wishes and the blessings! Well, unfortunately, painting, beautiful or not, always seem to have problems to leave their authors. It is not easy to sale, above all not now in these times of crisis… although the fuel prices seem to go down again around here, and perhaps the people will buy paintings with the saved money?
    And yes, 2 exhibitions were definitely too much … I should even say: 2 much 🙂

    @ Shelley
    Thanks to you too! I wishes all my friends from Cafe Crem would have been there with me!

    @ Mimulus
    So kind of you, and so happy to see you here. And yes, i rocked a little bit, at least this is what Kevin said. He made me wear a rocky trousers, and before we went to the show, he made a photo of ma with his electric guitars in my arms! I might post it here… Hugs!

    @ Danu
    I really wished you would have been there too. And I wished you had some big exhibitions too, as you say,”with the success you so well deserve”
    I start thinking that we should become a real community, we Cafe Cremers, I mean a real one, with real land an buildings and stuff… i am sure we would all be successful together!

    @ Chris
    Very nice to see you here agin, and thanks so much for the kind words and the good wishes.
    Yes, the move is ok, very exciting in fact, as it corresponds for me to the opening of a new gallery/atelier.

    @ Pomme
    Tu étais, comme toujours, la première a me soutenir, et tu seras la dernière que je remercie!!! Mais bon, je suis sure que tu me pardonneras… merci de tout cœur pour tes encouragements incessants et ta grande générosité de cœur et d’oreilles (en particulier quand tu m’écoutes gémir…)

  10. versionscelestes Says:

    Felicitaciones miki, imagino que tus exposiciones son y serán un éxito.

    Cordiales salutations célestes,

    Versions Célestes

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