The Eroscapes – #1 – Original

Don’t ask me how how it came about, but I suddenly felt the urge to paint some naked bodies lying around.. Me, who is normally so prude (at least in art!), believe me, it is a real revelation!

In fact I think it came naturally from my series Fantascapes where the blossoming almond trees last Spring suddenly took the form of dancing women, kind of…

Anyway, I took my pen and my watercolours, painted some naked forms, males and females and black and white, put the whole stuff into the computer, – you know, like in a washing machine- and here is the result:

The Eroscapes

I have worked a lot on them in the last few days, almost in a trance. During the creation process my naked bodies naturally moved  into parallel universes, parallel in colours, shapes and lines, but all considered in the same point of the time space.

I will call the first Universe “Original” (very original, isn’t it ?  🙂

And the following ones, Parallelism 1, 2, 3…

Reminds me of my mathematician youth and this is great!

(All Eroscapes are available as Giclee prints on Fine Art Paper. Please contact me if you are interested.)


11 Responses to “The Eroscapes – #1 – Original”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    I always speak english like a spanish cow, so I’ll explain what I think in french (excuse me).

    Miki, je trouve cette toile superbe, j’en ai vu d’autres qui m’ont tout autant plu, c’est magique, sobre, toujours aussi vivant de couleurs et j’ai toujours l’impression d’entrer dans un monde merveilleux quand je regarde tes toiles !

  2. Miki Says:

    Bonjour Apple Queen!

    As tu vraiment déjà entendu une vache espagnole parler anglais? De nos jours, a cause du tourisme, il y en a beaucoup par ici… elle font beaucoup d’efforts pour apprendre la langue, mais malgré tout il n’y a qu’un seul mot anglais qu’il leur sort de la bouche, et c’est:
    “Ole!”. Toi, a cote, tu ressembles a un dictionnaire!
    “Chut!” pour lea autre toiles, il n’y a que toi qui sais. je vais les présenter ici, petit a petit. Merci pour tous ces beaux mots que tu m’ecris… d;ailleurs tu vois, une vache espagnole, ca sait meme pas ecrire!
    je t’embrasse bien fort!

  3. reinedespommes Says:

    J’aurais adoré parler espagnol tu vois ! Plus encore que l’anglais peut être. Mais tant que j’arrive à me faire comprendre, je suis sauvée 😉
    Bises ma Miki

  4. wrjones Says:

    Your paintings are always so imaginative and beautiful.

  5. ivdanu Says:

    miki, this painting of yours reminded me The Modern Olympia by Cezanne! (surtout comme composition du tableau)

    Eroscapes! man! how do you find this beautiful words!! I will shamelessly use it (if you allow me, of course!) We can do another emulation thing with Susan and others, if interested! It really stimulates my imagination – and I’m not prude…old hegoat that I am…

  6. kevmoore Says:

    I love the way you see this format in your mind – and then I watch open-mouthed as idea after idea flows from your hand like a river of creation. It is as if each successive piece builds upon the form of the last, creating a veritable palace of ideas – so the series almost becomes an art piece in and of itself. Beautiful! (But then I AM biased!) 😉

  7. versionscelestes Says:

    This is a great painting. I also like those forms moving on the background, it seems they are going to become something else…

    Cordiales salutations célestes.

  8. Susan Says:

    How exciting that you’re beginning to share this latest series, which has so much of your lively – (well in English we use the French, but I don’t know how to spell it) “joie de vivre”. And I think , of course you would pick eros as your guide. I’ve never ever thought of you as the prude you describe yourself, so thank heaven you are dropping that illusion! And now, I’m wondering. . .will you dare to include the naked man as well? I can’t wait for Parallelism 1!

  9. Daud Says:

    Beau, tout simplement.

  10. Miki Says:

    Thanks so much everybody! It is always so important to get feedback, and above all compliments 🙂 when one starts a new series…
    Bill, Susan, Danu, my dear Cafe Crem friends… it touches me always particularly when you visit me here too… great bounds we have created…

    Merci beaucoup a tout le monde! C’est toujours si importamt de recevoir des commenataires, et surtout des compliments 🙂 quand on commence une nouvelle serie de peintures! Merci Ma Pomme, merci Daud, et merci, O Etre Celeste!

  11. ali Says:

    hey there, i really like your artwork, i love using lots of colours too, tho im not very practiced with acrylics (i have some oil learning but prefer drawing and mixed media usually)
    and i really like your directional and gesture lines, particularly in the backgrounds of your paintings 😉
    you produce beautiful work, its very inspiring 😉

    ali, australia

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