The Eroscapes – #1 – Parallelism 5

As I said in my last post, each of my original Eroscapes has one or more Parallelisms.

No pretension behind the name nor the result, just my own fun and pleasure.

Many times people would love a painting if only… if only the dominant colour were red and not blue, if all the colours were different, if they were lighter, if the format were different, etc…

My Parallelisms are an attempt, beside pleasing myself, to please more people. One might say it is just a commercial trick, it is not, although it will surely help! But it is is above all creature pleasure and the resulting excitement to discover many different facets of the same painting.

And here I want to say a big


to computer technique, which allows us to do such things without having to go through the boring process of drawing and painting the same things again and again!

The one I show you today is the last, at least for now, of the series on Eroscape #1… I don’t know how it happens, but it keeps installing itself as the background on my gigantic screen, and honestly, it looks fabulous as such. Perhaps it is just meant as such, only a background…

but well, backgrounds are very important, aren’t they?

All Eroscapes are available as Giclee prints on Fine Art Paper. Please contact me if you are interested. Have a look too at my page :The Giclee Prints: The Story”


6 Responses to “The Eroscapes – #1 – Parallelism 5”

  1. Daud Says:

    Jolie déclinaison.

  2. bobcornelis Says:


    This is exquisite! I love the bold colors, segregated into different regions of the painting. Combined with the textures and the sensual figures, this is truly fascinating. I love the little splash of lavender in the lower left corner.

    While backgrounds are important, this is way too interesting to be a background – I’d be ignoring whatever is in the foreground, and that isn’t right.

  3. wrjones Says:

    Whoa – this is a spectacular use of color – completely beautiful!

  4. versionscelestes Says:

    oh, Those body forms going to the sun…

  5. Miki Says:

    … and coming back as ashes….

  6. versionscelestes Says:

    ashes staring through ether at a star carrying stars…

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