The Eroscapes – #2 – Original

As I was a little girl in France (not that I am much bigger now…) they used to put in the magazines a game called

“Cherchez la souris”

( “Search for the mouse”)

They showed a picture where they had hidden a mouse somewhere, in the most unexpected place.

I loved to search for the mouse!

I wonder if you are able to find the Black beauty up there. Kevin is always amazed, when he looks at my Eroscapes, how he suddenly discovers some more figures besides the main one. Then he can’t believe that he didn’t see them at once. And in fact, once you see them, it is hard to believe that they really were there before…

Perception is such a mysterious phenomena… and we, artists, we sometimes love to play with it. I have noticed that many people adore the pictures where they gradually discover and recognise the various elements. They kind of get a deeper emotional connection to them, I don’t know why.

It must have something to do with some basic need of human nature…

All Eroscapes are available as Giclee prints on Fine Art Paper. Please contact me if you are interested. Have a look too at my page here

“The Giclee Prints: The Story”


11 Responses to “The Eroscapes – #2 – Original”

  1. ndegwa Says:

    Hi there,
    I like your work on women.Am also an artist and am searching for a fellow artist who I can exchange views and ideas with.
    Please feel free to check my site.Thank you.

    William Ndegwa.

  2. bobcornelis Says:

    OK, I’ll bite… I have to admit that I don’t see any other figures in this painting! I’m assuming that they are there (otherwise why would you have brought it up? – not a cruel joke, is it?). So now I am open to the ridicule of my fellow blog-mates who will undoubtedly point out first one, then another and another obvious figure. Why didn’t I see them? Does this reflect on my lack of imagination or vision? Or does it explain why I am not very good at jigsaw puzzles? Miki, please help me!

    I think we enjoy pieces that we have to “figure out” because it engages us at more than one level. Anything that anchors our attention a bit longer allows our perceptual system and our brain to uncover more and more (except in my case, I can’t find those darned other figures!!).

    Nonetheless, I like this piece as well. You use so many colors but it all feels like it goes together so well! That upper left corner has some especially appealing colors in it…

  3. versionscelestes Says:

    transfigurations all over the air
    transfigurations all the way out of the background
    where everything claims to be a piece of sun or
    blue coming to the fore
    heading away from this painting
    to an eye which carries beautiful bodies
    toward the edge on the last bend

  4. versionscelestes Says:

    I was just trying to paint using the only brush I am familiar with…

    Salutations célestes

  5. Miki Says:

    Thank you so much for this “painting”! You have no idea how deeply it touches me… the words, and also the fact that you wrote them… you already know how close I feel to your words, always, they are the exact poetical transcription of my visual work in words… it amazes me, simply… “where everything claims to be a piece of sun”, God, this is so wonderful!

    No, it is not a cruel joke… You will see the other figure in the next parallelism clearly. I was very surprised that you could not see it, but gain Kevin saw it only because I told him, and even so… Funny, really, I honestly thought it was obvious! Anyway, it is not so important…
    I guess you are right with your thought… the fact of involving our braim deeper makes a deeper connection. Great to discuss all these art things with you!

  6. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I see a whole party going on in the background and I must say, the participants are some really cute animals. . .can’t wait for the parallelism!

  7. Ed T. Says:

    Very nice watercolor (I like to paint in watercolors as well). Of course I like the figure.. but I am liking the background washes and texture, and color above her very much too. I am a sucker for detailed watercolor abstracts. Very impressed!

  8. Miki Says:

    Thank you Ed and welcome to my blog, great to see a new face!

  9. Mike on the road Says:

    I cannot find the mouse but to me that does not matter. I am truly in awe of your gift Miki and this painting in particular. It brings to mind a sense of the hint of your creative well. You are both teacher and student of life which I admire in you. Kev sees what he sees and I see what I do and both compliment the other to give you the joy you must feel to know that we care about you and encourage you to keep reaching for I feel there is greatness within wanting to be born into this world.
    Michael, a fellow Cafe Crem-er!!!

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    […] seeing “eroscapes 2” on infinty+some+2 […]

  11. To the fore en español « VERSIONS CELESTES Says:

    […] the fore en español       After seeing “eroscapes 2” on infinty+some+2   transfigurarse en todo el aire transfigurarse más allá de todo […]

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