Art is Cool!

You might think, this phrase sounds really cheesy! But I tell you: in the cheeky context Kevin and me used it, it is simply genial! Just have a look at this photo and you will understand:

Yes, we had the idea (and Kevin the patience) to write it on a fridge!

But what has this fridge to do with art, you might ask?

Well, I have currently a big exhibition in the Culture Centre of Mojacar. Have a look at the photo of the inauguration, taken just after we brought there the drinks and the food, and you will understand, at least partly.

You might have heard and personally noticed that our world is actually not in the best financial state, and well, Spain, for some different reasons which I don’t want to know (I prefer to put my head into the sand of our lovely beaches and wait until the crisis is over), is badly affected. This means, in particular, that our local town hall here has no more money to provide the inauguration buffet for its artists,

A real catastrophe, when one knows that most of the people who come to an inauguration come for the food and the drinks! 🙂

But not only can they not provide the buffet, there is not even a fridge there to keep everything cool until it has disappeared into these greedy mouths. I must say that  organising the buffet and keeping it fresh was extremely stressful for both of us. And this is why we decided to donate the quite new fridge from my former gallery in Albir (which I put up for sale some days ago, together with my house) to The Culture Centre, and, above all, to its exhibiting artists

Quite a cool gesture, isn’t it?

And in fact a powerful marketing move, although it was really not meant as such. We were just invited to put my name and  website on the fridge, but I thought the website was enough…

PS: if you are interested in  Kevin’s version of the story go to Cafe Crem.


4 Responses to “Art is Cool!”

  1. wrjones Says:

    Hey – this is a lovely photo but it looks familiar. You didn’t copy this from another blog did you? Does Kev open the lid for a beer with you on it?

  2. bobcornelis Says:

    I hope the limited financial capabilities were limited to the people putting on the show rather than the patrons coming to the show to (hopefully) buy some art! These are perilous times to be selling art, I suppose, but there must be some people out there who are still willing and able – I hope a bunch of them come to your show.

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    No wonder your paintings are selling so fast! No credit to the refrigerator – most to the artist’s talent, and some to the adorable-ness of the artist herself.

  4. Miki Says:

    thanks everybody!

    If the time of the post were written here, you could see that in fact it is the other blog that stole the photo from me… and of course there hot guys are discussing about hot women sitting on hot cars… this is the typical association they had seeing me on the fridge! 🙂

    In which crisis ever the world is , Bob, there is always money somewhere… there are a lot of people out there making a lot of money out of the crisis… and yes, it was a greet show for me, I am very happy.

    Kevin always says that I am a nightmare… if I believe both of you, and I tend too as you are my two best friends in the world, I must be an adorable nightmare then!

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