My Celebration Day of the Internet

The Internet is wonderful, I will never say it often enough! I know, it contains many traps and dangers, but for me, at least, it is simply great!

Yesterday I received the following mail:

“Dear Miki,

My name is …..  and I am volunteer for a free newspaper distributed in Costa Rica, Central America that has been created by and for the community with disability, senior citizens and the public in general.

For this months edition, we are celebrating the international day of the senior citizen on the 1st of October. We would like to ask permission to publish your fantastic artwork “Old couple in Lisbon Painting Portugal” to accompany our editorial for this months edition…”

I must say that I am extremely happy and proud that my painting has been chosen to celebrate this day. I have generally a very sweet heart for older people, they deeply move me, I don’t know why… perhaps because I had an intense relationship with both my grandmothers … and can’t stand the thought of them being alone and not cared for… and I hate people using their weakness to steal from and hurt them…

Anyway… It is a fantastic and exciting feeling to know that thanks to the internet,  my painting will be published in a newspaper in Costa Rica on this wonderful occasion of celebrating our senior citizens!

Here it is

I drew it from memory in Lisbon. No big ambition behind, just an impression. I was sitting in a tram heading down to the centre of the city and I saw them purposefully pounding the road, in the other direction. I was deeply touched by the scene, had 1000’s of feelings at the same time, from total sadness to total happiness. But I above all admired the way they seemed to lead their life with courage and determination, at this high age. and I was infinitely happy that they still did it together!!!

If only they knew that they will soon be famous in Costa Rica and probably in the whole world!


8 Responses to “My Celebration Day of the Internet”

  1. ivdanu Says:

    Congrats, miki! (for the publication and for the post…)

    Your image reminds me of the anecdotes about Eugène Ionesco (the playwriter of Romanian origin, memeber – the only one, I think – of the Frech Academy) who was said to walk like that with his wife in the street s of Paris… Only, he was in the lead… Things have changed, haven`t they?

    Take a look at: when you got some time (I know that`s a problem…)

  2. bobcornelis Says:

    A lovely couple! You’ve captured their characters so well – we’ve all known older folks who look just this way. Love the abstract backdrop, really highlights the figures. I guess this will be Susan and I in a couple of years… Maybe we can model for your senior citizens calendar, now that you’ll be famous for doing this type of subject matter.

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    This will definitely be us – you know – me in the lead and he carrying the groceries. It is so brilliant that you did this from memory and captured the feeling so expertly. Congratulations!

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Susan @ Bob
    As saw and later painted them, I was thinking that it was Kevin and me later on! I think the proportions correspond more to us than to you, at least in the length
    And it will surely be Kevin carrying the groceries too… except that the bag will be much bigger if he does not lose his wonderful appetite!

    @ Danu
    Very funny comment with the changed times, you made me laugh a lot!!!!
    Nice to mention Ionesco and his wife in this context, I love it when you add some culture to my blog (not kidding here!).
    I already had a look at your new blog, it is famous, Danu. You know that I am a fan of your portraits and caricatures. It is great to see them together there! I will certainly take the time to go there often!

  5. Mike on the road Says:

    I am reminded of the late Paul Newman who just died. I know this is not good news but the relationship between him and his wife which has lasted a lifetime gives me hope that there those who believe in “I Do.” Such a beautiful rendering of Me and my wife in the future. Could be now because of my sore back carrying groceries today but certainly not my wife who is a strong slim pwowerful woman whom I love very much. She likes it very much too!!!

  6. Marc Says:


    This is a fabulous piece; sensitive, simple yet revealing. Just beautiful, I really love it.

  7. Miki Says:

    @ Marc
    Thank you Marc, for this wonderful comment!Your words sound so sincere, great to listen to them!

    @ Mike on The Road
    Nice to see you back here… by the way, i love your new screen name.. “on the road” is a powerful image to me, this us where I am myself, and I hope this is where I will always bin, with Kevin, my family and my friends (like you). Le bonjour a Nathalie!

  8. I read the news today, oh boy! « Infinity + some + 2 Says:

    […] one month ago I wrote an entry telling that I had been contacted by a newspaper from Costa Rica, asking me for the authorization […]

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