I have the proof: I am a Bull!

You might have understood, in the meanwhile, that we have just moved further down in Spain, from Albir (provincia de Alicante) to Turre (provincia de Almeria).

2 days ago we found out, by accident that today the big town festivities are starting, 4 days of continuous Spanish fiesta, which means a hell of a noise and fireworks all the time. And, of course, a bullfight on Sunday at 5 PM!

Well, Turre does not have a plaza de toros, so the town hired a portable one and erected it on a hill at the outskirts of the village. As I heard it I ran to the town hall and asked for permission to exhibit my bullfight paintings there on Sunday. I was not very optimistic about the issue, as I have a long experience with this kind of permission, and normally you have to go through hundreds of different institutions to get it.

It was pretty busy at the town hall because of the fiesta and I had to wait a long time. Impatient as I am I was about to go as a woman came to me and showed some interest in my request. She told me that she would discuss it with the authorities and call me back. I thought:

“Yes, manana!”

which here, in Spain, means something like: never!

I could not believe it as she called me back yesterday –really the day after- and said that it was OK. The police would certainly try to stop me, she said, but I must say that I had the permission from the Culture Department. Now really, my town hall here deserves a big applause  for its fast and unconventional decision! MUCHAS GRACIAS!

So here we go again, my next exhibition, Sunday 5th of October, from 12 til 5 PM, at the portable Plaza de Toros in Turre. I expect you all! (you are not obliged to enter the arena if you find it disgusting, I am exhibiting outside!… it is just safer!)

Oh, by the way, don’t think twice: it’s me the bull on the photo. We went to the plaza this morning to get an idea how to mount the exhibition, and this is how I suddenly looked like…

And yes, it is the poster of my exhibition on the arena wall… added with the computer right now, but soon there for real!

Please visit my new website:

T O R O : Bull and Bullfightart


5 Responses to “I have the proof: I am a Bull!”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    J’adore !!!!
    Quelle imagination !

  2. ricktipton Says:

    Sounds great Miki. Unfortunately I’m back in Ostfriesland after my trek in Spain Where exactly is this town Turre haven’t found it on the map I have. Probably need a better map! Good luck on your exhibition! Now I have to sort through my photos so I can plan my painting for the winter.
    Once more Good luck and lots of fun with your Exibition. Rick

  3. ivdanu Says:

    C<est dimanche maintenant et tu est probablement la bas, avec ton exposition, miki…well, j<espere que tu vas vendre toutes les toiles que tu veux vendre et que The Turre Gazette va ecrire une article fantastique sur tes peintures!

  4. bobcornelis Says:


    You are so enterprising with your art! Where does all that entrepreneurial spirit come from??? Seems like you always have 2 or 3 shows going on at once. Makes me feel absolutely slug-like when I moan about getting ready for just one.

    Best of luck with this one – certainly seems like an ideal clientele for your bullfight pieces. Do attendees of bullfights tend to be rich, big spenders or is it more of a working man crowd?

  5. Miki Says:

    @ Bob

    I guess I have got the entrepreneurial spirit from my father…but above all, when I have got an idea which I love, I have to realise it at once, nothing can’t stop me!
    Now I have only one smaller exhibition going o. We have demounted the big one at the culture centre last week.
    But the worst come now: we have to hang the paintings in my new gallery…
    The bullfight one was just an informative one, I had no right to sell. But many people were interested and said they would come to my new gallery when it opens… in about 2 weeks!
    I would say that people who attend the bullfight come from everywhere., rich and poor the same. In a nornal bullfight there are different prices according to where you want to sit,,, and i guess the richest sit at the most expensive places… But yesterday, as it was a small portable arena, the price was the same for all places (35 euros), no distinction between rich and poor, i found it quite relaxing!

    @ Danu
    You are so funny sometimes, I love it! But no, no sales, I was not allowed. To get the permission to sell in a public place is a long procedure, and most of the time unsuccessful., because it is what they called ‘vente ambulante”, which is normally not allowed.
    But well, I did the exhibition to present my bullfight paintings in this new area where nobody knows me. No other ambition behind. Not even to get a date with a matador!!! 🙂

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