Bulls outside The Ring

Yesterday in Turre was a wonderful day for my special bullfight paintings exhibition at the Plaza de Toros. But a surprise awaited us there. We thought there would be nobody until 4 o’clock, one hour before the corrida starts, but as we arrived the place was full. People and cars everywhere. I must confess that I felt quite scared at that moment and wanted to drive back home. But instead, I thought to take the bull by the horns. I had spotted a police car somewhere and equipped with tons of feigned self-assurance I entered the arena in search of the policemen. I met a man. who, apparently, was in charge of the organisation. I asked him:

“Do you know where the police are?”

He looked at me scared.

“Why, has something happened?”

Funny, really… I guess he was then very relieved as I told him about my bullfight paintings stuff! He was then so kind to follow me outside and discuss with me how I imagined to mount the exhibition, considering the quantity of cars and people everywhere. Thinking that I had not much to lose by being cheeky, I explained to him quickly my ideal plan, i.e:

“…right by the entrance and take as much room as possible!”

This was indeed much too cheeky and he said:

“Well, then, we will wait for the mayor and I will discuss the subject with him. He will be here soon.”

Rich of former experiences with town halls and mayors, I thought that nothing would happen, neither soon nor late, and I was prepared to wait there the whole day.

I could not believe it as 5 minutes later, the mayor stood in front of me, extending his hand, telling me that he was aware of the exhibition and proposing me to organise it exactly where and how I wanted!

No doubt:

I will vote for him at the next election!

You have no idea how happy I am to live now in a nice little Spanish town, which shows so much respect and unconventionality for art and new ideas. This really was the last drop to make me feel totally home.. as I met Kevin, I felt emotionally home, but now, I even feel home geographically!!!

We mounted the exhibition, had loads of fun and visitors, and even the firemen (los bomberos) arrived (see picture above!) in case some anti-bullfight fanatics would set fire to my paintings. What a service, really!

Even the Star bullfighter of the corrida, Jesus Almeria, came with part of his staff and had a long look at my paintings, and declared some as very beautiful. He even paused for a photo with me.

Great, kind and humble guy!

Nothing to do with the macho type some people imagine that these matadors are!

It was great to see him fighting his two bulls later on … Bravo Jesus, and  the others ones too, Julio Benitez El Cordobes and Alejandro Carmona,  with whom we spent two wonderful hours after the exhibition!

Please visit my new website:

T O R O : Bull and Bullfightart


5 Responses to “Bulls outside The Ring”

  1. ivdanu Says:

    Wow! miki! your moving seems to have been made under very good augures! I just see an old episode of Seinfeld where Elaine, the main feminine character, was bragging about dating a matador! (not true) But for you it’s almost true – at least you can prove it with a photo!

  2. Bob Cornelis Says:

    How exciting to have a show at a bullfight – I must admit this sounds so much more interesting than the usual art events here that are usually combined with wine tasting and food! We never have to have local authorities on hand to prevent possible art felonies such as arson. And toreadors are more romantic than the locals here. Glad to hear your new environs are fitting you so well!

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Bravo! Bravo! You are a bit of a toreador yourself, eh? Such pluck you have. You would be the match for any bull. Maybe you should get an outfit with red cape to go with your next exhibit.

  4. Miki Says:

    Oh Susan, you made me laugh so much with your comment! Wonderful humour… and yes, I might think about my outfit as matadora for my next bullfight exhibition.. a fantastic idea!

    Bob, believe me, everything Susan and you do sounds very exciting for us too!

  5. kevmoore Says:

    Bob/Susan/Danu – I can see that my photo opportunities will wane with these fearless chaps queuing to pose with my girl. I imagine I shall have to do something stupid like stand in front of 575 kilograms of high speed beef….

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