The Eroscapes – #2 – Parallelism 2

I presented the original of this Eroscape about 2 weeks ago, wondering if you were able to find the Black Beauty in the painting. Nobody saw, I think,  the Black Beauty although some saw a lot of wonderful figures and one other even wrote an extraordinary poem about them…

In this parallelism the black beauty has bleached quite a lot, somehow. I wonder if you, and especially Bob, have eyes for her this time…

All Eroscapes are available as Giclee prints on Fine Art Paper. Please contact me if you are interested. Have a look too at my page here

“The Giclee Prints: The Story”


4 Responses to “The Eroscapes – #2 – Parallelism 2”

  1. deanmelbourne Says:

    Hi this image is really fun, I like it a lot. I had a look down at the previous version and I like this one more!

    cheers Dean

  2. wrjones Says:

    I like this painting – the nude is cute as a button. It looks like she is trying to excape from Casper the ghost.

  3. kevmoore Says:

    I know what you mean Bill – those saucer eyes brought to mind Betty Boop.

  4. artrockpoetry Says:


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