Phil in My Blanks!

Today I want to tell you a story. Some months ago I stumbled on the net upon a cute, tiny little man, responding to the gigantic name of  “Harold Lawrence Windcrampe”. I spontaneously felt a big emotion for Harold, and believe me, if I could, I would have grasped hold of him and put him into my pocket. But well, the net is great, but still a dream world somehow, you can’t grasp what you see.


I entered the World of his Secret Thoughts (mainly “Sigh”…)  and found out who his father was. A certain Phil from Syracuse, N.Y., U.S.A. An artist. And what a one! What a talent, what a technique and what a humour!

And, perhaps even more important for me, WHAT A HEART!

I found out that Phil sold some of his self-made comics, and badges. I ordered some, paid with Paypal, but I made a mistake in the name and he did not get my money. An embarrassing situation for him, I guess, and I felt very sorry. I sent the money a second time, and he replied to me, saying that he felt so bad for me that he would add some more stuff in the package.

Some time later, a gigantic envelope arrived, filled with much more things than I had ordered. Of course the post costs had been much higher than planned, but Phil didn’t care. I must say that I have seldom experienced such generosity from a stranger, and I was deeply touched in my heart.

Have a look at his site, and you will see what I mean. Everything Phil draws is full of humour and kindness!

Today, weeks later, thinking of him again, I  had an idea. In my new gallery there is a room where, as soon as the gallery is finished, I will spend my days making art there. Originally I wanted to cover the walls with my paintings too, as part of the gallery. But today I decided that I will cover the walls with art from my friends all around the world. And of course I will start with Phil. So I put some of his art together in a frame, Kevin wrote his website on the frame, and this frame will hang there tomorrow.

And now to my further idea. Last week I got some art work too from my dearest friend Susan Cornelis, and I will make the same as I did with Phil’s work.

So, now, if YOU who are visiting my blog, are an artist and want to be featured in my new gallery in Spain, with your website, your blog, or whatever on the net, then ask me my address and  just send me a little something nice, which I can frame in the form you can see on the photo above. It can be one or more prints, postcards of your art, etc.   it must just look nice! And I promise, for each of you who will be featured in my gallery, I will make a post here, showing what you sent to me. And, of course, show your art to my real world gallery visitors.

I am very excited about this idea. I hope you will be too!

So please, following Phil’s example



4 Responses to “Phil in My Blanks!”

  1. versionscelestes Says:

    Hello Miki,

    I visited Phil’s website and I think it is simply… great. I loved it!

    Salutations célestes


  2. Miki Says:

    Hello Versions!

    I am so glad that you loved his work. I kind of love it when I can live according to the principle
    “My friends are the friends of my friends”
    or something like that 🙂

    I call “friends” people who seem to be my “soul mates”… I normally can feel it without knowing them, in their art, in their words…
    I hardly know Phil, but he is one.
    I hardly know YOU, but you are one too… thanks to be here with me!

  3. kevmoore Says:

    When Miki first showed me Phil’s work – I instantly “got it” – and understood the quiet humour of the guy behind it. His ability to convey simple humour with deceptive ease is astounding, and I can assure you, not as easy as it may seem. His drawings and storyboards are a delight, as was the moment when a pile of “philaphernalia” tumbled out of the envelope he sent us! I hope he goes on to great things.

  4. versionscelestes Says:

    🙂 🙂

    Salutations célestes!

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