The Labyrinth

So, here we are, all my toros, at least all which haven’t be sacrificed to some aficionado, are comfortably installed in my new gallery.

Not a round arena, as they are used to, more a kind of labyrinth

No sand on the ground but at least the same colour

No real sun but great light though…

just waiting for the public now!

Well, not yet really, there is still work to do before we can open, but in one week or so, we will be ready…

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed, on the right side, attached to the wall, the wonderful square greeting cards which my friends from The Bay Attic have created from my paintings and which we are planning to market in several European countries.

PS: Legend tells of the Minotaur that lives within the labyrinth, eventually slain by the wily Theseus… I don’t know if such a beast roams this one, but Kevin certainly does!

Please visit my new website:

T O R O : Bull and Bullfightart


6 Responses to “The Labyrinth”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    Ton labyrinthe donne envie de s’y perdre Miki !
    Et je m’y connais, normalement, je hais les labyrinthes !
    Je te souhaite le meilleur succès pour ta galerie, c’est spendide.

  2. napabelle Says:

    Wow ! Miki ! What a display! Very impressive ! Congratulation on your gallery ! Elle est superbe ! Bravo !

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Apple Queen
    Oui, Pomme, viens te perdre dans mon labyrinthe, surtout avec Kevin qui s’y cache dedans, tu ne voudras plus jamais en ressortir! 🙂
    Merci pour tes merveilleux mots, toujours!

    @ Napabelle
    Merci aussi pour ces félicitations. I can’t wait to open the gallery now, and to see how people react to it. I wished all my friends from WordPress could be here to inaugurate it!

  4. reinedespommes Says:

    Miki, si on commence à jouer avec Kevin, on risque de ne plus s’arrêter ! tant pis !
    Ah que oui j’aimerais être à l’inauguration !
    Pas grave, on en fera une autre quand je viendrai.

  5. Bonny Says:

    Oh! I wish I could be there, too! The little preview you have shown us here looks so inviting!!!

    Congratulations with your Gallery and Good Luck for the Opening!!!

  6. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I want to hear more! How will the opening be and will you have hours when people can stop in after that? I know you’ll be busy painting too, so will it be by appointment basis? THe presentation, lighting, colorful paintings – very well done!!

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