The Doors are Open!

So, it’s done, we have officially launched my new gallery, inaugurating it with the visit of Jackie, a nice English lady living round the corner. She had noticed big activity in the last 2 weeks and wanted to see the gallery before she flew back to England, today.

Kevin hung the last few paintings, swept the floor and put out some cool Vino Rosado (the favourite English tipple in Spain)

She had a great look all around, even admiring my bullfight paintings although she does not like the bullfight itself, and was not scared to face with a big smile a herd of wild bulls running towards her…

Jackie stood a long time with us, We had an interesting conversation about my art and many other themes.

We found that in fact it was the best way to present this new gallery to the public, making personal invitations and spending one-on-one time to get to know each other. We all really appreciate the time spent together yesterday.

Jackie was especially attracted to my Fantascapes and Eroscapes, and kept going back to them. Finally she even decided to buy one, and we sealed the sale with an happy “Cheers!”.

I will tell you in my next post which Eroscape she bought as I have a touching story to tell you about it.


9 Responses to “The Doors are Open!”

  1. dovelove Says:

    Congratulations, Miki! How exciting, it looks awesome!


  2. ivdanu Says:

    It looks great, miki and kev! Bafta! (that’s what we Romanians are saying to wish somebody luck in what she/he begins to do)

    Yes, I also think la publicite de bouche a l<oreille and personal contacts are the most importants! Keep up the good work and, who knows? in a year or too (if I live that long, ha,ha) maybe I come to see you there…

  3. reinedespommes Says:

    Félicitations Miki ! c’est splendide !
    Je souhaite pour toi la meilleure réussite pour la suite maintenant.
    Tu vois, je suis un peu comme Jackie, j’ai un faible pour tes “Fantascapes” devant lesquelles je reste souvent à tenter d’imaginer tout ce que ça peut bien vouloir représenter. J’y vois selon mon humeur des choses différentes.
    Alors oui, ces tableaux sont magiques.
    Mais j’ai aussi une grande admiration pour tes portraits que je trouve fabuleux.

    Vous avez vraiment bien travaillé Kevin et toi ! encore Bravo !!!

  4. Miki Says:

    Thanks everybody, wonderful to get your support and your good luck wishes!

    Wonderful to see you again, hope you are fine and your fanatsy stillhaving wings 🙂
    hugs back!

    Merci de tout coeur! Un jour tu seras notre invitee d’honneur dans cette galerie!

    Yes, one day you will come, Danu. It will be a great day for Kevin & me then!!!

  5. kevmoore Says:

    We had such pleasure, opening our doors for the first time. and we instantly realised that this is how we want the visits – small and personal, It’s much more enjoyable for both artist and guest, we feel. It was so nice to show Jackie around and watch her reaction to the paintings, and indeed the transformation of the place itself into the gallery it has now become.
    Danu – I never knew the word “bafta” was in fact a real word. In english, its an acronym – B.A.F.T.A. – British Academy of Film and Television Arts – an award that the academy bestows on actors in UK TV. If I ever win one, I’ll wish the audience “bafta” in return!!

  6. Alfred Wang Says:

    These are really nice.

    The bad thing is that you didnot show the paintings one by one to us……………

  7. Bird in Love Says:

    Miki! My lovely Miki! My great artist!!! I’m so so happy for you!! The gallery looks amazing!! I wish I could visit in real… I never stop dreaming of that..

    Oh Miki! There are many things I would like to share with you… right now, I’m studying because I have a really important exam tomorrow… but I will soon send you a mail telling you all about me 🙂

    I’ll share one thing now… I have a boyfriend!! He’s name is Juan, and we met each other last year, but we were just friends… until almost two months ago that he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend! I said yes, of course! (because I was already in love with him) I’m so so happy! Soon I’ll send you our pictures..

    I want to share with you this site
    The author of those paintings is Juan’s brother.. I think he’s really got potential, and as you are a great artist youself, I wanted you to look at his paintings and writings… As for me, I see a profound sadness reflected there…

  8. Miki Says:

    Bird in Love!

    so happy for you, and I hope with all my heart that you will be very happy. you deserve it soooooooooooooo much!
    I hope your exam went well, please send me a mail and tell me all these things, I am really impatient to get your words and pictures! We will speak then about everything, about Juan’s brother too.
    Many hugs

  9. Joël Says:

    Mille pardons d’avoir manqué ces derniers épisodes, chère Miki !

    C’est un bien bel endroit que ta nouvelle galerie, je te souhaite de tout coeur une grande réussite dans tes projets.

    Félicitations à tous deux pour le travail effectué, à voir les photos, ça en valait la peine !

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