George in Heaven

As I told you in my last post, the official opening of my new gallery with our first visitor Jackie from England, was a success. First of all it was a deep pleasure as this very intimate visit allowed us to know each other better, and this is perhaps the most important thing as Jackie seems to be a very nice lady.

I already said that she was amazed by my Eroscapes and Fantascapes and her eyes kept coming back to them. She fixed her eyes on the one above eventually, looked at it a long long time in silence and then said:

“it reminds me My George in Heaven…”

Jackie lost her husband George 6 months ago, as she told me, the big love of her life. She finds it very hard to live without him, above all in this flat here in Spain where they had such a lovely time.

“What is the painting called?”

she asked me…

Well, I always have trouble giving titles to my paintings, because I generally don’t like to put words to them. This is the reason why I often ask Kevin to give me a title for them. But with the Eroscapes, We were so busy doing the gallery and exhibitions, we really had not time to bother about painting titles! At that point this painting was labelled in my computer with the unheavenly mathematical title

“The Eroscapes – #2 – Parallelism 2”

really nothing I could publicly reveal to Jackie…

But you know, in life, if you want to be successful,  you can’t doubt yourself and must grasp the right occasion at the right moment. I had a genial idea:

“Do you know what? I think I will call this painting

“George in Heaven”

Jackie was very touched and I was infinitely happy to have such a great title with such a touching story behind. Jackie looked at the painting for a good half an hour further, and at the end she said

“I can’t leave George here..”

and she bought the painting!

Jackie was leaving the next day for England and she could not take George with her this time. George in Heaven will stay in my gallery hanging on my wall until Jackie comes back


4 Responses to “George in Heaven”

  1. bobcornelis Says:


    A lovely story to go along with a lovely painting! Your gallery is beautiful – it’s easy to see that it is a place full of light and wonder. Your town is fortunate to have such a place to come and visit and I’m sure it will be a gathering place for new and old friends.

    Sounds like Kev has plans for a studio as well – I have learned that it is important in a relationship to maintain equal square footage of studio space. Makes for more harmony.

  2. Miki Says:

    Thanks Bob!
    As Kevin read your comment about the equal square footage of studio space, he had a big laugh and wanted to reveal the numbers (his and my) publicly. I stopped him!
    There is no equality there, but one should not forget that he has, in some different countries, big stages to practice his art, again and again. This counts too!!!
    Anyway we are soooo lucky: our harmony is total, also without counting square feet and metres!

  3. kevmoore Says:

    Bob, I believe the appropriate response here is a quote, as you so often begin posts in your blog – “Everyone is equal, but some are more equal than others”. That is to say, I can only dream about the acreage that Miki has for her gallery/atelier compared to my own compact and bijou sound centre. I shall just have to jump into the wide open plains of my virtual audio landscapes!! 🙂

  4. Susan Cornelis Says:

    This is my most favorite story of all!!!!! And I hadn’t seen this gorgeous painting before. It is also possibly my favorite Eroscape. George is definitely in heaven where there would of course be a beautiful breast on the mountainscape.

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