Fantasies from the Bathroom…

Sorry if the title has led you to wrong expectations…  🙂

I just wanted to show you which kind of new paintings I have created in the bathroom of my new gallery, totally converted by Kevin’s wonder brain and hands into a little atelier where I mostly do the dirty work, meaning my stuff in acrylics, by which I normally fling the colours through the air, hoping that some accidentally land on the paper or the canvas.

But well, this one was created with a new technique, which came to my mind as I was painting a frame… a little bit more controlled than the flinging technique, but well, most of the time letting nature and fate do their job…but above all I used some cardboard in which Kevin’s new keyboard was wrapped as “my canvas” and it added some cute effects to the whole!


6 Responses to “Fantasies from the Bathroom…”

  1. versionscelestes Says:

    Oh, beautiful structures and textures…

  2. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Please, please change the title! When I have those words in my head I picture these tree people running as fast as they can to make it to the bathroom in time! Otherwise it feels like we’re back in the springtime mood of dance and romance which I love. (Does your file name “Fantaspray” refer to the bathroom functions or the paint?) Just kidding.

  3. Miki Says:

    @ Versions Celestes
    Thank you so much… I was surprised by the textures resulting from my new experiments and I love them too!

    Are you kidding? Yes, you are, you say it yourself!
    i certainly won’t change the title as it brings me a lot of visitors. I guess most of the people, including myself, have different fantasies than you in connection with the bathroom!!!
    “The Fantasprays” is the name of the series resulting from this new technique… more for me than for the public, I simply need some kind of title for them in my computer and I have no patience to invent some!

  4. sastre Says:


  5. ivdanu Says:

    Flinging and spraying and pouring color… not an uninteresting technique, miki! Look where it get Jackson Pollock – right now the most expensive painter in the world with about 150 millions for a painting! You could be the next one and hopefully you’ll enjoy your succes yourself for many years, not the bloody art merchants!

  6. thepomegranateblog Says:

    I’m loving ur paintings and so pleased I stumbled across ur blog I’ll be adding u to my Blogroll… Your work is so colourful and emotional… J’adore!

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