et Le Diable créa La Femme…


I wrote the title of this painting in French because it is a secret in fact, which only we, French, know…

One of my fantasies from the bathroom, yesterday… I mean the painting, not the secret!


9 Responses to “et Le Diable créa La Femme…”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    Mmm….well, its not such a secret in the UK, we have the phrase “and the devil created woman” mainly to try and explain what the fairer sex is all about!! But there is ONE secret about this painting that I will share with you because I find it amazing(and Miki will probably let the devil in her kill me for telling you!) – but the piece was painted on an old milk carton and the rolling hills and sky are a distorted version of the original design! but perhaps this is apt, as the subject of the painting is a woman. Studies show that two of the first few words ever created in any spoken language were “mother” and “milk”.

  2. wrjones Says:

    This is another wonderful piece. You have an unending supply of fresh design ideas that work so well. I think you and Susan are two of the most creative people I’ve known.

  3. reinedespommes Says:

    Je pense que c’est pire : la femme est le diable 😉 (mais un gentil petit diable)
    Superbe toile Miki !

  4. Bob Cornelis Says:

    I love the “bathroom” series! Not sure from a marketing perspective that is exactly the right name for this body of work, but I like the mental image I have of you flinging paint around with abandon, letting it hit the porcelain, tile and linoleum, knowing that you can just hose down the whole room afterward… I’m sure it gives you a certain freedom that you might not have in a different kind of studio.

    Milk cartons, cardboard, hmmm… don’t they have any art supply stores where you live???

  5. Miki Says:

    It is the right name, Bob. Didn’t you know that I have launched a new fashion here in Europe? All paintings coming out of a bathroom nowadays are a fortune worth!I guess you missed it, too busy with the elections…
    Unfortunately I have not the total freedom I wished in the bathroom, as we have hang some paintings to sell there!
    In fact the art supply around here is very bad and I have all my material coming from Germany. But the reasons for the milk cartons and the cardboard is that I found out that I can reach quite a lot of interesting effects on them…

    Espèce de grande gentille diablesse endiablée, va!

    Thanks, such compliments always welcome! Hope that Susan will read them too…

  6. Susan Says:

    Yes, I just read them and I certainly agree about Miki! The thing we shared is a wonderfully warped imagination – just what the world needs I think. THis devil character is so adorable. I think he has Kev’s eyes, don’t you?

  7. ivdanu Says:

    Kev: I thought it was God to have done that, from one of our ribs, kev! But I get what you mean and hope that, even indiscreet, you are still alive…

    Miki: I oadore le cochon sauvage rouge! I assume that’s “the man” (maybe Kevin?) !

  8. lungtazen Says:

    « La femme est le chef-d’oeuvre de Dieu surtout quand elle a le diable au corps. » Alphonse Allais ;))

  9. Miki Says:

    @ Lungtaze
    du point de vue de l’homme, oui…
    du point de vue de la femme, peut-etre aussi…
    de mon point de vue,le chef d’oeuvre de Dieu est le Diable… ou peut etre est ce le contraire?

    @ Danu
    Kev is still alive…
    In my gallery bathroom I am recreating the world, somehow… in fact it happens by itself, without my conscious intention, and judging by the results, I guess that God did it the same way.
    I have decided to call this new series “La Creation du Monde”, and all the paintings will be called something like
    “The First Baby|
    “The first Garden”
    “The first Painter”
    Le cochon rouge sauvage c;est plutot moi que Kevin…

    @ Susan
    I am happy that you recognise the devil. Danu thought it was a red wild pig… but you all seem to agree that he looks like Kevin…funny… but yes, you are right, he has eyes like him. Just I wonder how YOU can know it, because he normally shows THESE eyes only to ME… well, perhaps he had these eyes too as he discovered the wonderful coffee cup you sent to him once…

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