First Light…


Some days ago I had a painting session in my new bathroom-atelier

(I should find a name for this room… any idea?),

perhaps you remember:

“Flinging and spraying and pouring colour…”

I made a lot of basic work that day and I’m now gradually going through all these first impressions, trying to create something “showable” out of them. I have finished quite a lot already, and they seem to be forming a series- a sort of Creation of the World. In fact, judging by the structures and forms and textures which emerge, I wouldn’t wonder if God also created his world in a bathroom…  kind of!

Anyway, this is one I finished yesterday, and Kevin gave it this wonderful title

“First Light”


12 Responses to “First Light…”

  1. reinedespommes Says:

    Ho Miki ! c’est magnifique !
    Une véritable explosion de couleurs. Tu as l’art (… ) de me faire rêver devant ton talent.
    Une idée pour ta salle ? je vais y réfléchir … [coloroom me semble facile 😉 ]

  2. Miki Says:

    Merci Pomme!
    Je cherche un nom un peu marrant qui reflète le fait que ce petit atelier ou je recrée le monde en ce moment 🙂 est une ancienne salle de bains!

  3. thepomegranateblog Says:

    C’est trop beau! Magnifique! J’adore…

  4. Miki Says:

    Welcome to my blog, Pomegranate! I already had “Reine des Pommes”, and what for one… it seems that my blog becomes a paradise, with all these apples… Attention, Messieurs, who dare enter it!
    And thanks for the beautiful compliments, always very appreciated!

  5. reinedespommes Says:

    Shower of colours – bath of colours ?

  6. thepomegranateblog Says:

    Peut-etre Salle de Creation?? /Inspiration? Ton p’tit Eden? Garden of Eden? Paradise Gardens?

  7. Joël Says:

    ducha de sueños ?

    dreaming bathroom ?

    dreams shower ?

  8. ivdanu Says:

    Great painting and great title, miki and kev! I love the way you handle the so difficult a color that is yellow! and the textures rminds me of the exercises and experimentations I did myself (not enough… not enough…) sticking another paper over the wet color and then quickly removing it…

  9. sittam Says:

    attractive piece of work. feels like an impressionist work. I like the light generating colours very much. I agree with you that the bathroom is a well of inspiration. I found out that most artistic souls spend quite a bit of time holed up in the bathroom. Its probably the feeling of a designated seclusion that a bathroom affords for artists who find themselves constantly under scrutiny within civilised human life. Or maybe its the emotional feel that water gives us.

  10. Susan Says:

    Yummy, luscious, gorgeous. You keep the colors so vibrant and pure. Always makes me want to go out and buy new paints, but that’s not the point – it’s your pure impulse and creative freedom that doesn’t muck around with the color but allows it to make a fresh statement.

  11. bobcornelis Says:

    Very exciting piece! Lots for the eye to feast on – colors, textures, shapes, movement.

    Somehow I have a picture of you always being successful with your art. Do you ever throw pieces away? I get the impression your “hit ratio” is pretty high. Of course, maybe everyone has this illusion of every other artist’s work. Maybe it is because your work seems so natural, like it just flows out the end of your hands – very instinctual. I suspect that type of work succeeds more often because the intellect is less likely to get in the way.

    Not that your intellect isn’t capable of a lot – just that you keep it comfortably at bay when creating!

  12. Miki Says:

    @ Bob
    Thanks for the great compliments, Bob.
    I don’t throw pieces away, no more. One of the reasons is that I have noticed that my own taste has nothing to do with my clients’ taste, so I have decided to present everything I do. Without any exception. This is a commercial point of view and decision, but I think it is legitimate as painting is my profession and I want to make money with it,
    On the other side, at least concerning my last works like The Fantascapes, Eroscapes and this last series, it is much easier to reach the result I wish working with the computer.
    And yes, my intellect is not involved in my painting, at least not consciously. I strictly think NOTHING when I paint. One of the reason too why I love painting, because my intellect is much too often much too active 🙂

    Wonderful comment too, thank you so much! I have fought for my freedom all my life, and I am glad that it comes through my paintings now…

    Thanks very much for your nice comment and your understanding towards my bathroom inspiration!

    Thanks for the tip, I will try it! Mi method is different, but certainly involves quickness too!

    @Joel, Pommegranate, Apple Queen
    Thanks for the bathroom names! But still not sure… something with Eden is quite nice though!

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