The First Wedding: Give Me a title!


I have decided to submit this painting from my new series

“La Création du Monde”

to your fantasy, allowing it as the next subject from my competition “GIVE ME A TITLE”

To participate is very simple: just give me a title for this painting. The actual title

“The first Wedding”

comes, like always, from Kevin Moore.

You can leave the title here as a comment (and I´ll add it myself to the list of the other titles in my website Goodaboom), or you can go directly to the competition page Give Me A Title.

By the way: there is something to win, a small hand-signed, personally dedicated Giclee print of the painting. The competition will last until the end of January.

Good Luck and thanks for participating!

The last competition  has been won by  LostinWonder, U.S.A. with the wonderful title

“Echos of the Sirens”

Celebration of Life


8 Responses to “The First Wedding: Give Me a title!”

  1. Miki Says:

    Thanks Pomegranate, great title! You are the first, after Kevin, to give me a title! I’ll add it to the list in my website
    Good luck!

  2. thepomegranateblog Says:

    Ooh I just entered it myself so don’t worry… Wow! There is so much on your site! Could spend literally hours exploring…

  3. wrjones Says:

    I like this piece – so what’s new. I like all your paintings. I would love to watch you create one. Kev and I could drink a beer and sort of guide you if you got stuck in a particular area. No, we wouldn’t bother you, just watch.

  4. Mike on the road Says:

    Great painting Miki.

  5. Mike on the road Says:

    Oh the title?!!!
    “On Bended Knee I Take Thee”

  6. Miki Says:

    Thanks so much, Michael! I am very happy to get a title from you…

  7. Susan Cornelis Says:

    “Ice Scream Dream”, OR “The Birthday Party” or “The Ghost Shows up at Baby’s Birthday Party”

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