The First Bullfight


Another piece from the series

“La Création du Monde”

Kevin seems to think that it is silly… well, I like it silly sometimes! He even thought that I had painted one bull too many, but just because he did not understand that the green one was in fact a horse!

Anyway most of my paintings from this series must be considered with humour.

And if you want some serious bullfight (I could say “bulls..t” – sorry, I am learning all these bad words from Kevin!)

Please visit my new website:

T O R O : Bull and Bullfightart


7 Responses to “The First Bullfight”

  1. wrjones Says:

    These are so unique and so lovely – I’m waiting for you to have a big show in the US so I can come.

  2. reinedespommes Says:

    So funny Miki !
    I saw this picture and I thought : it seams like a mutation (may be I’m not “clear”)
    I like this sort of pictures.

  3. bobcornelis Says:

    In all of this series I love the devilish looks you give some of the figures – I’m suspecting that there is a bit of the self-portrait involved here!

    I’m always impressed by how you make colors work that I would never imagine putting together – well, actually I sometimes do put odd colors together and it always just looks… odd. But here you’ve got the pinks, reds, yellows, greens, even a touch of blue all harmonizing beautifully.

    I’m with Bill, how about a show over here? West coast, of course…

  4. Siavash Mahvis Says:

    Dear Miki
    I’ve visited your blog today. I have a collection of art blogs on a new page of my website and have added your link in this page. Please take a few moments to review my site: and your link:
    Could you please see my link on yours?
    Siavash Mahvis

  5. thepomegranateblog Says:

    Gorgeous colours as always! I especially love your serious bull fight paintings they are spectacular… this one is really artistic & would look great in someone’s loungeroom.

  6. Miki Says:

    Dear Siavesh

    Thank you very much for the link to my blog in your site. A beautiful site by the way. I will add your link in my blog roll.
    Kind regards

  7. Siavash Mahvis Says:

    Dear Miki, Many thanks for the link. That’s graet.

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