Mildew Bookworm


Last week we introduced a new feature in the gallery. You won’t believe what it is… A Guess? No chance!

The new feature is…. Internet!

Ha ha Ha!

Well, since we have moved here we had no time to work on our internet connection and we were still working alternately on the net, being connected via wires. Now we have got an airport, and of course, the gallery being next door, we are able to steal from our own connection.

Considering the fact that most of the works I have done this year (series such as The Fantascapes, The Eroscapes, the Fantasprays, The Aquagames, The Pastel Games and finally “La Création du Monde”) are only available as Giclee prints, I thought that the best strategy would be to have some Giclee prints framed, as samples, and to show my online gallery to the clients, to allow them to choose what they want to order. Actually I have put my laptop there, but I might one day install a more sophisticated device, such as a projection screen… we will see.

Anyway the first day we had internet in the gallery we had the visit of an English singer and her art-loving daughter. Seeing one of my paintings, “Mildew Bookworm” she said:

“This would make a great character for a story!”

Well, the truth is, that  about 2 years ago, Kevin wrote a short story, “The Thief of Hearts and The Firecat”,  based on a series of my paintings, and made a little video out of it, in which Mildew narrates the story. And this is exactly what these 2 ladies and Kevin are laughing at on this photo:

So, if you want to have a laugh too, look at the following video!

And if you want to look at Part 2, Mildew says

“Find it yourselves!”


6 Responses to “Mildew Bookworm”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of the these pictures of visitors to your atelier without wine glasses in their hands! What a lovely way to sell art. I whole heartedly believe in it. And then to show them such a fun movie – well, it’s definitely the way to go. I don’t think I’ve ever known two “looser” imaginations than yours and Kev who could work together so seamlessly. I mean, only once in several lifetimes would you find such a combination as the brilliance of a Miki and a Kev.

  2. ivdanu Says:

    Totallement d<accord avec Susan, miki! Je me suis amusé tellement à regarder et surtout à écouter le vidéo! (the english accent, I adore it! was it Kev`s voice, a little bit transformed?)

  3. Bob Cornelis Says:

    A computer and high-speed internet is a great tool to have in the studio. You can use it in so many ways, to show clients a wider range of your art, whether it’s your archives, videos, etc or for streaming interesting music from all over the world. What did artists do before this? I suspect we artists have only started to scratch the surface of ways we can enrich the artistic experience for others with technology.

    Of course, there is the trap that you’ll get so wrapped up in the technology you’ll forget to make some art along the way.

    Love to see these pictures of the new gallery and Kev’s new music studio. Very cool to see how others create “art havens” where they live and play.

  4. Miki Says:

    @ Bob
    I hadn’t a computer in my former Gallery in Albir, and, strange enough, although I used the computer a lot at home, I never thought of putting one there! Yes, you are right, I realised only one week ago how useful it can be. But only of course if the visitors have time to stay. I have so many paintings hanging, it already takes a lot of time to go through. But well, all visitors have their own choice, they don’t look at all the paintings with the same attention, so if somebody is interested in some kind of art, I can show more of it in my online galleries. This has also the advantage to make the websites psychologically more accessible to the people. I don’t know how it is in the USA, but here in Spain (and in France too) the internet is not such an obvious thing. Even if people have internet at home, and are interested in my art, they still don’t go to my website. I hope that if I introduce them to it first, make the first step with them so to say, it will be easier then for them.

    @ Susan
    The funny thing is that Kevin hardly drinks wine generally, I am more the wine drinker in the family. I always foece him to have a glass with our visitors, for being social and so…
    We have thought a lot about the best way to receive people in the gallery. And I decided that the best way for me would me not many people at a time and then in an intimate, personal way. I don’t like “normal” visits, talking general stuff about my art and so on. I love the personal details. As well from my visitors as from myself.
    A nice glass of wine and some nuts & crisps help to feel comfortable.
    And yes, Kevin and me work and live wonderfully together… this is an incredible luck, for us as human and as artists, we are deeply aware of that.

    @ Danu

    Hi Danu, comment va ton nouveau travail? Tu aimes bien?
    Yes, it was Kevin speaking… “slightly” transformed 🙂

  5. paintings Says:

    A computer is useful in your studio!

  6. Miki Says:

    thanks Mister Paintings!
    Yes, it is useful… but until now it was the only place where I could escape from it!
    No chance is trying to escape from the net nowadays, i guess… and this is GOOD!
    You are a great painter by the way…

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