The Toroscapes


One would not believe it, but judging by the quantity of hits on my bullfight post on this blog and of  enquiries I personally receive in my mailbox:

there is a big market for Bullfight paintings around the world!

A friend of mine from the U.S.A., who is trying to help me market my calendars there, wrote to me:

“… One thing to remember is that America is a microcosm of many different people, styles and tastes…no different than any place else really, except here we do have a lot of special interest groups, and lobbyists for special needs. The Animal Rights groups are very powerful and influence a lot of laws and perceptions. Bull Fighting items of any kind will be difficult to mass market….the cultural climate is not conducive…”

Well, this is certainly true in Europe too, and even more so where I live. But I have my very own experience in this matter and I answered to him that what people publicly follow is one thing and what they then privately do is quite another.  I have said many times: I sold many bullfight paintings to people who hate bullfighting! I think this says a lot…

Anyway, I have decided to create a new website entirely dedicated to my Bull and Bullfight Art, simply called


And to inaugurate it, I started a new series of bullfight paintings, from the “Scapes Family”, called

The Toroscapes.

Like the others Scapes, a mixed technique of classical and digital art.

Like always, “only” available as Giclee prints… an amazing printing technique by the way, the results are really fascinating, so true in colours, details and structure… and with the huge advantage that you can get them in different sizes and on different formats, canvas even!

With this new website I have also opened a new blog, dedicates to the Bulls. You are very welcome to join me there, to comment or even become a co-author. And honestly, I would love to meet some people with whom I can speak about the bulls!

English, French, Spanish and German languages are welcome!


8 Responses to “The Toroscapes”

  1. thepomegranateblog Says:

    That splash of colour is insane Miki! Wow. Do you actually go to the bullfights for inspiration? I’ve always found them fascinating because my name Carmen has spanish origins and an interesting tale but havn’t been to Spain and frankly just seeing it in a movie once has put me off it. Sigh. Perhaps I’m also entranced since I’m a taurus. LOL. But your bullfight paintings are certainly the most STRIKING for me personally. Not to say the others aren’t stunning but the bullfights capture so much passion and movement.

  2. Miki Says:

    Thank you very much, Carmen. I have added your great comment in the blog of my new bull art site, because it is a very interesting one, reflecting wonderfully my experience with people who don’t like bullfights, but feel attracted by my bullfight paintings. This new blog is called “Amour Toro”, and I hope to meet there people, (not only clients!) who will share with me their bull and bullfight experiences and thoughts.
    You are welcome to join whenever you want.
    Now to answer your question: I was a baby as I went the first time to a bullfight. Don’t ask me how it was ( 🙂 ) , but it must have been great since I loved the bulls and went to bullfights all my life!
    You can’t judge bullfights in a film. To start with, if you are a sensual person and YOU must be one judging by this Pomegranate name and this icon!) the bullfight is a feast for all senses and this does not come through in a film! And then, it is a feast too, and an adventure, and it satisfies many different basic needs of human beings. if you go there and are ready to forget all the superficial moral norms of society, and ready to let you carry by the life there and by yourself in that life, then you will start understand and perhaps love bullfight…
    There is in “Amour Toro” a temoignage, “1ers Émois”, written in French, from somebody who was not a fan as he went to his first bullfight… you can read it, it;s simply full of humour and truth!

  3. thepomegranateblog Says:

    My pleasure Miki! I agree there is something so enticing about it. I’ll share more on ur website… And yes I can agree with your interpretaation of me as a sensual person, I appreciate the beauty of what our senses offer us in life although I sure wish I could transfer such feelings to canvas as well as u do! Be over to check ur site now…

  4. Joël Says:

    Mon dictionnaire m’ayant largement aidé dans la lecture de tout ce qui précède, je peux donc intervenir pour t’assurer de mon soutien inconditionnel ! Tes Toroscapes traduisent par ses magnifiques explosions de couleurs l’explosion des émotions ressenties dans ce monde si particulier du “toro de lidia”. J’aime ce que tu fais et j’espère que tu nous régalera longtemps de tes oeuvres.

  5. Susan Says:

    I can really see what you’ve been up to lately Miki! I’m so glad you’re continuing with the ‘scapes”. I look over every day to see your bulls (calendar) right by my desk, splashing color and “sensuality” into my world. I had a fun time at your Toro site – my favorite I think would be one of the Maestro acrylic paintings, maybe #3?

  6. Minneapolis artist Says:

    That is fun! Love it. So bright and almost abstract.

  7. Anna Meenaghan, Contemporary Artist Says:

    It certainly makes bullfighting appear in a different light, your painting that is.
    I live in Spain and here, of course, bullfighting is not just a dirty word that many “do-gooders” want to ban. Maybe you ought to consider starting a blog in Spanish?
    You could almost be certain to be overun by orders for your art (if that is not already the case). Especially as you are adding a completely different viewpoint on the subject.

  8. Miki Says:

    Thank you Anna, great comment!
    Unfortunately I haven’t any time left to start a blog in Spanish, but I certainly would love to. I have started this new website about my Bull and Bullfighting Art, and I have added a blog to it, “Amour Toro”. I invite there everybody to participate, in 4 different languages, but of course, this takes a certain time until it works.
    I sell my bullfight paintings quite well, I must say, a little bit everywhere in this world. But funny enough: not so much to Spaniards! Most of them, I think, prefer the classical, heavy and darker bullfight paintings in oil. At least this is true for the old generation, and they are the ones who still love bullfight. The new generation of Spaniards, who could love my painting style, are generally much more reticent to bullfight…

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