Jeff Christie and Yellow River


(Pastel and Colour Pencils,   60 x 50 cm)

You see, my “portrait mode” is activate!

This is a typical example of how my eclectic work comes to life. I was totally immersed in my bath(room),  in the New  Creation of The World, as I got a portrait commission. It was hard to leave my crazy world of fantasy creatures, but the client is king, and his needs and wishes have highest priority.

And now, you see, I have got again into the mood of portraying people. And I think, for the first time in my life, I portrayed a celebrity. Oh no, it is not quite true, I painted Dali twice some years ago. Anyway, extreme as I am, I chose to start with actually the most famous celebrity… you surely know whom I mean and you perhaps even saw him hanging around in my blog..

I mentioned it in a former post, Kevin is going back on stage with Christie next year. I am sure that some of you know Jeff Christie, or at least his famous international hits: Yellow River, Iron Horse, San Bernadino… even I know them, and I am really crap at English music normally (says Kevin… he even says French boycott English music…)

I was busy making the promo design for Christie 2009 these last weeks and at the end, after having seen all these photos of Jeff Christie, I felt the need to make a portrait of him. He has got such interesting features, and a very expressive face when he sings, so in fact, the perfect subject! And as I did for Obama, I did not really want to feature the star, but The Man.

In this portrait I wanted also to include the notion of time passing by and, simultaneously, the timelessness of a great song and a great musician. This is why I included in the background Jeff Christie and his two other members of the band,  as they interpreted for the first time Yellow River, about 40 years ago! And no, Kevin was not there yet… he joined Christie later on.

Thanks, Jeff, for these wonderful songs which always make me feel incredibly alive when I listen to them!

PS: if you want to know and see more about Christie, please go the Yellow River site.

PPS: Si un promoteur francais lit ce billet, je l’en supplie, qu’il fasse tout son possible pour organiser un concert de Christie en France… ne serait-ce que pour prouver à ces anglais que nous ne boycottons pas leur musique! En plus, nous avons bien profité de Yellow River, n’est-ce-pas, sous le titre de “L’Amérique” par Joe Dassin! Alors la France lui doit bien çà, à Jeff Christie!


3 Responses to “Jeff Christie and Yellow River”

  1. kevmoore Says:

    I found it fascinating to see this portrait “emerging”. Here is a man I have known for over 20 years, captured wonderfully – somehow the historical “timeline” is beautifully encapsulated here in a very sympathetic way. The “then & now” theme is a celebration of an ongoing career with a nod to past success. A very human portrait.

  2. Rainer Says:

    Miki ,your painting is so good ,I like it very much .Hope to see Kev ,the band ,and of course YOU somewhere in Germany Have a wonderful CHRISTIEMAS with Kev

    Your German friend

  3. Miki Says:

    Hello Rainer, what a wonderful surprise to read you here! Thank you so much for the compliments, they mean a lot to me as you are one of those who can really judge if it is a good portrait.
    I will do my possible to come to a Christie gig in 2009, I wish it so much. It is so wonderful that they are back on stage together, this touches me very deeply!
    Have a nice weekend… and talk to you again before Christmas, surely!

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