A Pint of Beer in Portugal


In case you are wondering what I am artistically doing right now, and to let you know that I am not only relying on the work I did about 25 years ago (Bubble Boy), just a short announcement here. You  remember perhaps that we both, Kev Moore and me, spent about 7 weeks in Portugal last Summer, a wonderful trip from the South to the North and down again… I tried to sketch every day, and in fact I managed  to do  quite a lot. As we came back, in the middle of July, I immediately started finishing the sketches and publishing them here on my blog and in Flickr. But well, we had so much to do then, fixing our house in Albir to put it for sale on the market, moving from Albir to Turre, installing and opening my new gallery here, some big exhibitions and commissions between, so I had to stop.

Well, on the 1st of January, I resolved to finish my Portugal sketches series and to go on publishing them. I just finished some which I made in Barca de Alva, where we  (accidentally) attended the Power Boats World Championship.  This one represents the beer stand on the day of the final…

If you want to see the whole series (about 160 sketches so far) simply go



3 Responses to “A Pint of Beer in Portugal”

  1. wrjones Says:

    That is a steep hill. Looks like if the brakes fail that little box is going traveling.

    Also I was wondering if the water on your paper rolled to the left as you were doing this very lovely sketch?

    Ramona should be on her way next week if we can get the passport business straightened out. It was tough finding her birth certificate in the Wyoming hills.

  2. Miki Says:

    Too funny what people see in my sketches! Somebody else told me about the lovely water… in fact it is the sky… but is there really a difference?
    The little box was not really on the hill, but behind the stairs ramp…
    And yes, the water and the sky roll everywhere when I sketch… even I do!

    We all here can’t wait to see Ramona. But don’t worry about the passport business, send her anyway, Spain is full of Illegal residents!

  3. Susan Cornelis Says:

    I am so in love with the blue you have in all your sketches. I’m just not sure I have such a pretty blue in my palette. What is it?

    And who is Ramona?

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