In Search of Miki…



The internet is really a funny thing! The other day I received the following mail from Canada

“Hi there we came across some old canvass paintings of a young girl and boy. We are not a 100% sure if this is your work from many years ago, If there is a forward email address I can send you some picture’s.
Thank you so much for your help”

I didn’t think for one second that the paintings could be from me, but I was curious and asked to see the pictures. The man kindly sent them to me, and I must say that it was very strange and touching for me to see my name on these old paintings! Of course it has nothing to do with me, but still!…

It was by the way the second time in some months that somebody contacted me thinking I am some other Miki painter. The other one was an Italian painter, and he thought I might be a mate of his from many years ago… a Miki man!

The even  funnier thing is that Kevin, about one year ago, drew from imagination the following cartoon of me


which is extremely similar to the girl in the painting! What a curious world we’re living in!

Anyway: if by chance the author of these paintings comes to read this, or if anybody knows that Miki, please contact me… the man in Canada seems keen about it!



9 Responses to “In Search of Miki…”

  1. bobcornelis Says:

    Maybe this happens a bit more for you since Miki is an unusual name – can’t imagine someone contacting me to see if I’m the “Bob” whose signature is on the painting!

    How funny that Kev rendered you in such a similar fashion – he’s finely tuned into your artistic aura!

  2. reinedespommes Says:

    I’m not sure I understand the end : this picture is from Kevin ?!?

    Your name is probably destinated to be an artist’s name 😉

  3. Miki Says:

    @ ReinedesPommes
    Oui Pomme, le dessin a été fait par Kevin. C’est un dessin qui est supposé me représenter à moi! Je suis assez impressionnée par toute l’histoire, surtout par la ressemblance qu’il y a entre le dessin de moi fait Kevin et ces peintures faites par l’autre Miki… çà rend l’histoire toute ronde!!!à
    Je vais te raconter à toi seule (sur, personne d’autre ici ne comprend le français) l’histoire de mon nom Miki: C’est parce qu’ en fait je m’appelle Marie-Christine! Alors Mi pour Marie et Ki pour Christine! C’est profond n’est-ce =pas? une vraie histoire d’artiste… 🙂
    Plein de gros bisous!

    and I can’t imagine either a painting signed Bob Cornelis and not being yours! Unfortunately for me there are some more Miki artists in the world, but I had no choice, Miki has always been my name, and is the only name to which I really identify myself and connect. Simply Miki. As I said to Kevin: only 4 letters, and 2 are even the same!

  4. reinedespommes Says:

    Ah Miki que tu m’as fait rire !!!
    Tu m’avais déjà donné le secret 😉

    Dis à Kevin de ma part que je le trouve extrêmement doué et que je “jalouse” ses talents ! (je n’ose même pas te dire ce que je voudrais être aussi douée que toi… )
    Qu’il est amusant ce dessin !
    Je trouve formidable qu’il t’aie représentée avec ce petit air amusé et ces deux couettes juvéniles !
    Plus je vous découvre, plus je vous aime 🙂

  5. Miki Says:

    Toi aussi tu es adorable Pomme! je viens de traduite a Kevin, il est tout ému
    Tu sais le problème avec les secrets que je te répète: c’est parce que je n’en ai qu’un!!!
    Mais tu sais, des talents, toi aussi tu en as plein… la seule chose, je pense, c’est que tu as moins de temps que nous pour les développer. Mais sache que tu as notre admiration pour tout ce que tu es et tout ce que tu fais et tout ce que tu n’as pas le temps de faire!

  6. reinedespommes Says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 Voilà, ça me suffit pour me rendre heureuse ces mots là !
    Merci à vous deux.

  7. Susan Says:

    What an amazing story! I’ve always thought you were many different Miki’s in one body anyway.

  8. napabelle Says:

    Ce sont des Poulbeaux !! Tu sais, le dessinateur Poulbeau qui faisait les gamins de Paris, avec des fesses et joues bien rondes! (They are Poulbeaux. an artist who drew Parisian kids with cheeks and derrières very round!) They are always dirty, carrying loaves of bread, often with a dog pulling at their pants and showing their toushies ! Surely you know ! They are classics ! They were sold a lot by the artists along the Seine when I was in Paris as a teen-ager.;

  9. Miki Says:

    Oh yes, I remember now, the poulbots!!!! I knew I know them from some where, and I even said to Kevin:
    “I think these are the titis from Paris…”
    You should have heard Kevin writhing around on teh floor in gales of laughters…

    I already though these paintings were copies bought by the Seine, somehow. they look like that… it was not you, par hasard, who painted them stealing my name to try to sell them? 🙂

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